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# POLITICS /// Considering that It Is Plausible that Such Events Could Occur Again

On March 29, 2013, Stéphane Raffalli, the mayor of Ris-Orangis, a 25,000-inhabitant town of the South suburbs of Paris, issued a municipal order to evict and destroy a shantytown where more than 200 Romanian migrants (including Romas and non-Romas) lived. 764 more words


# HISTORY /// Bridging the Thickness of the Demarcation Line During WWII

When visiting for the second time the Chateau de Chenonceau (Indre et Loire, France) last week, I could not help but notice an important aspect of the chateau’s history in the sum of information given by the brochure. 528 more words


# WEAPONIZED ARCHITECTURE /// The Intrinsic Violence of Architecture: The Paradigmatic Example of the "Primitive Shelter"

What is interesting in giving talks is the potentiality of a dialogue with the people who are kind enough to come listen and often question the formulation if not the founding of one’s argument. 726 more words


# HISTORY /// Weaponized Cities: Dictatorial Brasilia and Colonial Algiers

Above: Original master plan of Brasilia by Lúcio Costa (1957)
Below: Map of Algiers’s Casbah with its streets’ names

I recently had the chance to visit Brazil’s capital city, … 1,082 more words


# WEAPONIZED ARCHITECTURE /// Fearful Discursive Contamination Crystallized into Architecture

Typical entrances to upper social class housing buildings in São Paulo (all photographs by Léopold Lambert)

I am finishing a trip in Latin America (Mexico City, Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia) to record a series of conversations for… 743 more words


# PALESTINE /// The Architectural Dilemma of the Refugee Camp

The new public square of Fawwar refugee camp
Photograph by Adam Ferguson for the New York Times

A few days ago, the New York Times exceptionally published an interesting article about Palestine entitled “ 899 more words


# WEAPONIZED ARCHITECTURE /// Social Violence that Could Not Exist Without Architecture

Two screenshots from the website of “Colony 1209″ in Bushwick (New York)

Last month, one more of these outrages with little investigative depth (see past article for another one… 1,247 more words