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# WEAPONIZED ARCHITECTURE /// From the Highway to the Pill: Counter-History of the American Suburbia

A picture of a family infront of their Levittown house (Cape Cod design), Tony Linck for LIFE Magazine, 1947 /// Found by Olivia Ahn

In the frame of… 1,471 more words


# WEAPONIZED ARCHITECTURE /// The Slave Ship is Architecture

Stowage of the British slave ship Brookes under the regulated slave trade act of 1788. (Library of US Congress)

In the previous article, I was evoking the architecture of the holocaust’s gas chambers to address the role of design in industrialized death; today’s article will describe another atrocious historical example of how architecture can no only serve the most violent ideologies, but also often makes itself indispensable for them to be implemented. 1,116 more words


# WEAPONIZED ARCHITECTURE /// Temple Grandin's Humane Slaughterhouses and the Architectural Politics of the Lesser Evil

Dr. Temple Grandin is a professor at Colorado State University who wrote several books about autism and animal science. Her autism allowed her to a detailed perception of the animal behavior and the factors that influence it. 1,033 more words


# TOPIE IMPITOYABLE /// Colonial Architectures and Situated Gentrifying Bodies

Map of the five New York City boroughs represented by a dot per person living there / Dot Map / (blue: white / green: black / red: asian / yellow: hispanic / brown: other) 807 more words


# THE FUNAMBULIST PAMPHLETS /// Volume 08: Arakawa + Madeline Gins Now Published

The eighth volume of The Funambulist Pamphlets that gathers and edits past articles (as well as additional illustrations) of the blog about the philosophical-poetic-artistic-architectural work of Arakawa, Madeline Gins and their… 378 more words

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