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The S "A" Team

Every Tuesday morning at Southern Accents begins with a team meeting. This is actually the only time during the week that we are all in one place at the same time. 417 more words

Antique Salvage

Week 51 - #18 I had a Dream

OK, now before I start – I already know that I am warped when it comes to dreams.  But, here goes.  My dream had me back on my grand parents farm in Massachusetts – why – because yesterday, I went with the West Coast Camera Club Meetup group to Tampa Bay Salvage Company – which is an Architectural Salvage company located at 7o0 N Pinellas Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL.   207 more words

2013 - 2014 Themes

A Forever-ish Home

Old stuff smells. You can’t get around it. It just does. It’s an indescribable odor, not pleasant but not entirely offensive either. Old stuff just smells. 334 more words

Architectural Salvage

What's Your Canvas?

Speak of artwork and the vision that pops into most people’s mind would be that of a framed canvas, hanging on a wall, showcasing a beautiful scene or portrait created by an artist via the use of brushes and paints. 261 more words

Antique Salvage

Easy #DIY Key Rack

I was all set to create a key rack for my sister’s new kitchen (Budget White Kitchen Makeover).

I scrubbed the salvage pieces, gathered the supplies, was ready to start . 240 more words

Bi-Fold Success - Updating Our Old Home

My husband and I bought a 1920’s bungalow last year. And we’ve been having fun ever since updating and restoring it. I love so much about old houses…but one thing I don’t love: the tiny or unusable storage space. 202 more words

Architectural Salvage

Budget White Kitchen Makeover - Part 2

My sister has narrowed down the idea choices for her budget white kitchen makeover. Sort of farmhouse modern.

With consideration to salvaging what we could and adding extra storage, we drew up a basic plan (amateurs).   369 more words