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Historic Goldenrod Footbridge in Newport Beach, California

Before I went to Newport Beach a couple of weeks ago, I got out all my travel books to plan my attack for seeing as much as possible in a short time frame. 146 more words


Isokon Gallery

If there’s one thing that’ll get me out of bed on a Saturday morning, it’s the promise of seeing a hidden architectural gem. Isokon, a recently renovated 1930s block of flats, is one of those gems. 583 more words


Architects & Timber: Striking Designs!

A central part of Timber Expo is the FREE Timber Focus seminar programme. Organised by TRADA and spread over both days of the show, some of the leading names in the industry come together to discuss many of the hottest topics across the sector. 156 more words


The Beauty of Evening Rays

They say there is something special about the light in Northumbria. The early morning and late evening sunshine is also said to have special qualities. As a photographer I find it hard to argue with either of these statements. The low sun always adds an extra dimension to any image, whether it is the colour of the light or the length of the shadows and there is something intangible about the light in Northumberland. Whether it is the reflections off the open expanse of the North Sea or the absence of pollution from the unpopulated expanses of the county I’m not sure.

Hence, a recent visit to Edinburgh found me parked in a lay-by on the A1 as the evening sun receded gently towards the horizon. A short walk from the car took me to this recently baled field with my ideal ingredients; round bales, rising ground, a clear horizon and golden sunlight. I regret not having my 500mm lens with me at the time because the two Hares in the field were a beautiful sight. However, the bales and the tyre marks and seed drills provided me with a wonderful selection of images.

A short drive then took me in to Berwick Upon Tweed itself. Here I could stand on the Royal Border Bridge and look out over the estuary towards the town and the Old Bridge, Grade 1 listed and nearly 400 years old. Again, the golden sunlight played on the stonework making the most of its honeyed colours. Interestingly, as I waited the shadow of the Royal Border Bridge moved across the Old Bridge and the suns rays began to shine underneath my feet and illuminate the bridge piers. One wonders, if, at particular times of the year, what kind of optical effects the combination of bridges and sunlight can create. On this occasion the tide was just turning and so the slack water produced fine reflections, occasionally disturbed by the vast flotilla of swans, some of whom will appear in a later post.

Landscape Photography

Three Classicists

This time-lapse video, called “Three Classicists,” shows three British classicists, including Quinlan Terry’s son, sketching a classical scene on a blank wall in about three minutes, to the dear strains of a dulcet cellist. 201 more words


No.6 - Mairie D'Auros

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