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Crumbling to dust - abandoned cities tell tales

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What? Abandoned buildings often capture the imagination.  What happened there?  Who last lived in it?  Why was it left to ruin?  162 more words


This is my City(Photos) ~Bratislava~ /3

Part Three: Bratislava’s coronation church

St. Martin’s Cathedral is one of the most significant symbols of Bratislava known especially for being the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between years 1563 and 1830. 46 more words


Project Kingfisher - Acoustic Dampener: Digital Animation

In order to place the design and its technical specifics into context, the model was fully animated using 3dsMax, and then exported accordingly. Producing the animation required an intermediate amount of effort, as there were many small components that were modelled and subsequently had to be made interactive (respond to movement over a number of frames). 90 more words


Project Kingfisher – Acoustic Dampener: Digital Analysis of Performance

The acoustic performance of the mechanical and fixed panels were tested in Ecotect Analysis, after being modelled to within the parameters of the design required and accurately to scale within 3dsMax. 270 more words


Project Kingfisher - Acoustic Dampener: Design Concept

In order to combat the direct noise as highlighted in the acoustic analysis, a concept has been generated with the aim for further evolution. Four 80-100mm thick acoustic panels measuring 4.5m wide and 2.5m in height will be attached to rails that are bolted to the derrick tower. 167 more words


Project Kingfisher - Acoustic Energy Testing of Existing Site

The need to effectively sound proof the drilling rig meant that testing had to be done to fully understand the exisiting site conditions. The site was modelled from a combination of plan and section, in 3dsMax. 180 more words