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The Facebook Art of Blaise

There are some days I grow a bit tired of my Facebook. There’s only so many times one can be requested to play Bejeweled, and so many selfies a person can handle before I realise I am wasting my time with a nasty habit. 494 more words


Disobedient Objects - Preview

A timely new exhibition at the V&A, Disobedient Objects, casts light on the role of objects in social protest. The result is a poignant – yet surprisingly optimistic – celebration of art and design from below.  1,391 more words


Intelligent browsers

What if the application you built was not made up of markup with the purpose of explicitly creating controls? What if your application instead was made up of data-islands/data-providers with meta-data instructing the browser about what kind of service and data you offer? 98 more words


Do not miss the free e-book - Graph Databases

Recently I went to a Meetup organized by Neo4j. During the Meetup they provided us with a free paperback version of the book: Graph Databases by Ian Robinson, Ian Webber and Emil Eifrem… 56 more words


the S T O L I Č K A

Mám rada stoličky. Dávajú priestorku dušu a veľa o človeku prezradia. Všimli ste si to niekedy? Ešte nemám svoj vlastný byt, ale keď raz budem mať, dám si na stoličkách maxi záležať! 92 more words


Document database modelling gone bad

Recently I was building a solution for managing some contents. I used a document oriented database for storing the actual contents. In this particular scenario, I used CouchDB. 547 more words


Getting Home Award Ready!

Last week, I went into the TQ office for some pizza and to help sort through the applications for the Mountain Home Awards. The Home issue is my favorite magazine of the year: It’s incredible to tour these houses, which are such labors of love, and then talk to the various architects, contractors and homeowners when writing up the articles.  69 more words

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