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What Can You Expect to Learn in Architecture School? – PART 2

This is the 2nd part of a multi-part series about “What You Can Expect to Learn in Architecture School”. In the first post we discussed… 769 more words


10 Weeks into School

It’s been about five weeks since my first critique, and barely two days since my second. Perhaps it is odd to measure my time in architecture school in such a manner, but those are important milestones to me – facing the critique panel can feel akin to judgement. 818 more words

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What Can You Expect to Learn in Architecture School? - PART 1

We all know design school is a needed stepping stone to be the successful architect of our dreams. But have you ever stopped to wonder how and why your school teaches architecture the way it does? 1,327 more words


A quick word of advice to any new student...

“Certainties for architecture students are few. The architecture curriculum is a perplexing and unruly beast, involving long hours, dense texts and frequently obtuse instruction. If the lessons of architecture are fascinating (and they are), they are also fraught with so many exceptions and caveats that students can easily wonder if there is anything concrete to learn about architecture at all” 49 more words


15 Weeks, Week 6

I’m finally getting rid of the junk that floats along the sides of my CAD files. You’ll see that it’s much cleaner now. I still, in my 5th year, lack the practice of standards in CAD. 75 more words

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DesignTechnology: SMArchS Colloquium 2014

Every Friday morning throughout this fall semester, the first year SMArchS students convene for the Architecture Studies Colloquium. This class is a forum: each week students from all six streams can engage in dialogue with a different visiting scholar, designer, or practitioner on matters of concern from across the vast architectural discipline. 259 more words


15 Weeks Start of Week 5

All the 5th year students had a review of our schematic design proposals Monday. Mine went fine. The professor’s comments pertained primarily to the dramatic changes I made over the weekend – “Buisy weekend?” – and to the necesity for clarity if my approach is to be sucessful. 181 more words

Architecture Portfolio