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NUS City Exhibition is the annual showcase of engaging design schemes from NUS Architecture School, and we would like to share our take on space with you, at various scales. 57 more words


Selected Works Website, Graduation , Summer Plans

I graduated in May! My summer is going to be spent helping the college take apart studio desks and helping a professor with some research. In August, I’m off to Seattle for a job! 55 more words

Architecture School

Year 2: Architecture School Part 2 (Final)

See architecture school part 1: http://jkarchitecture.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/year-2-architecture-school-part-1/

See bridge entry way: http://jkarchitecture.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/year-2-bridge-to-architecture-school/

The second and final installment of the architecture school design project. Primarily serving as a refinement of the previous design mentioned in Part One, this project consisted of compiling a more complete set of Auto Cad drawings and a larger, more detailed, sectional model. 190 more words


Year 2: Architecture School Part 1

See architecture school part 2: http://jkarchitecture.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/year-2-architecture-school-part-2-final/

See bridge entry way: http://jkarchitecture.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/year-2-bridge-to-architecture-school/

Serving as an introduction to basic structural concepts, the project is based off of a grid system which forms 3 rows of 9 12′x12′ bays. 329 more words


21st century visions

broke my no-allnighter resolution on the very last night but eh in comparison with the previous semester, i am making progress. that feeling when your drawings are pinned up on the wall and you’re happy with how they’ve turned out (regardless of the feedback to come) makes all the long nights, the stress and the mental breakdowns of architecture school worth it. 45 more words


Greek Life & the Architecture Major: Neighbors

I just came back from watching the movie Neighbors at my local theatre and IMO it was very good and hilarious!  The movie was about a young family adjusting to their new life with the birth of their daughter and the wild frat that just moved next door. 133 more words

Architecture School