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Inflatable Pneumatic Architecture and Ginger Bread Houses

We’re nearing the last few weeks of the semester and our professor has now introduced us to an idea of an inflatable pneumatic (by Ant Farm). 208 more words

Architecture School

Pointers for Designing an AWESOME Room - Part 1 (20 Tips)

What’s in a “room”? A supposedly basic and elementary term for defining a space, you’d think. As architecture students, you’ll be designing a lot of rooms for your projects. 3,384 more words


The BIG 4: Aspects of Architectural Education You Just HAVE to Focus On.

Today is a short lesson in efficiency – getting the most bang for your buck with regards to your time invested.

Time and effort is precious in architecture school – so knowing where to focus your energy will be valuable in establishing a solid foundation. 1,989 more words


On not finishing homework in Arch school

“I didn’t finish my architecture homework.”

Dear young grasshopper,

You’re young. The truth is you don’t need to be as worried about it as you are. 162 more words

Architecture School

You Have Hope: Why It's OKAY to be A Clueless Architecture Freshman

You enter the halls of your Architecture School. This is it. This is what you’ve chosen for the next five or so years of your life. 1,735 more words


10 ESSENTIAL Tips for Drafting Like a Pro (Q&A #3)

Got an email from Sheena, a fresh applicant in my beloved college org. She has a concern that I’m sure many freshmen in architecture school have: how to combat the woes of manual drafting. 2,803 more words