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The warm glow of my table lamp mixes haphazardly with the singular strip of light behind me. It is a warm night. Tiger Striped Sky… 36 more words

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What Can You Expect to Learn in Architecture School? – PART 4

This is the 4th part of a multi-part series about “What Can You Expect to Learn in Architecture School?“. If you’ve missed previous parts that be sure to check them out and then come back to this page. 2,099 more words


I Used to Be Creative

Reading Evan Troxel’s recent post on creativity got me thinking about creativity in my own life. It helped me realize why I remember my college days as full of free-flowing creativity and possibility. 550 more words


Read Your Local Architectural Magazines and Get SMART.

If you’ve never took the time to open up an architectural magazine and browse through the content, you’re hampering your learning potential.

I bought my first two Architectural Magazines with my allowance… 1,160 more words

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12 Ways to Increase Brain Power for Architecture School - PART 1

A healthy, clear, and efficiently working brain is one of the architecture student’s greatest assets. I’d like to give you a few life hacks to… 3,148 more words

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The Biggest Secret to Success: Take Care of Your Health

Today’s post is going to be the cornerstone of all succeeding entries on how to stay healthy in architecture school and beyond. Think of it as my guiding belief on how to achieve success – “Life is a marathon, not a sprint – so it’s extremely important to take care of your health”.  2,040 more words


Why Is It Important for Architects to Sketch?

It might be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway – Drawing is one of the most important skills of the architect. Today we’ll talk about why. 1,506 more words

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