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Joey Fala, Organist and Architecture Student

I just saw on the Saturday morning show, that there are students at prestigious George Washington  University who have signed petitions supporting  exchanging an American citizen for an illegal immigrant! 227 more words

Melancholy Spaces

Broken conversations
And interesting faces.
Sad eyes
In Claustrophobic spaces.
We talk about, melancholy.
We talk about lasting scars.
We talk in, remember when’s.
If memories are the only things we take to our graves… 65 more words


The End of a Journey

Week 11 :

The studio is full of people. Some of them are drawing, some of them start their model, while others finish theirs.

   Even though all the “stress” ended yesterday at our first crit, I can still remember how I felt all this week. 275 more words

WANG SHU : ningbo meishi guan

Day two in Ningbo involved a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the second building in the city designed by Pritzker laureate Wang Shu (Amateur Architecture Studio). 32 more words

Nikon Fm2

Back Again! -- Shanghai & JingDeZhen | Unit Field Trip

I found myself overwhelmed with nostalgia. The rumble of the crowds of the metro, the mixture of smells from street food stalls and the crazy horns from traffic that pain the ears. 764 more words


UBPA B3-2 pavilion

Remnants of the 2010 Shanghai Expo. UBPA B3-2 by Italian architects Studio Archea. The building was designed to be easily dissembled after the expo but still remains (seemingly unused) 5 years on. 41 more words

Nikon Fm2

Inflatable Pneumatic Architecture and Ginger Bread Houses

We’re nearing the last few weeks of the semester and our professor has now introduced us to an idea of an inflatable pneumatic (by Ant Farm). 208 more words

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