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Collage series - Suspension of disbelief

More collages exploring the world of isolation, purity, passages and moods. This series of images approach and trigger myself to develop a particular design agenda. So far, there seems to be a strong intent on creating a pure design, something that takes you out of reality, suspend it, almost, and instead suffices you with this completely immersive architectural medium.


Collage Series - Experimentations for my Architecture Design Studio

The landscape and site in focus for my currents architecture design studio is Iceland. In order to get myself acquainted with its majestic conditions I have created a series of collages to try and tease out a design agenda. 79 more words


Aiding Nature's Takeover

Images from my Year Two project.

Building installations in order to give nature a platform to grow on. Feeding nature. Living amongst it. We also experimented using clay, wire models, plaster, balloons and wood work.

This thing called NASA.

“Why do you act like the only busy person in the world? One evening isn’t going to kill you”- Something I’ve been hearing from friends and family alike for a while now. 945 more words

TAS Recess Week Workshops

TAS will be organizing some software workshops, conducted by student volunteers, in the upcoming recess week for NUS Architecture Students. Thanks to the overwhelming response from our fellow students, all workshops have been oversubscribed! 16 more words


I’ve finally printed my portfolio. I got it bound too, I wish I had time to bind it in a nicer way but I’ve taken longer to finish editing my work than I thought and have managed to leave the printing/binding to the last minute. 34 more words