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The piece I chose to replicate was a work that Vhils created at Le M.U.R in Paris. This piece was not one of my 3 previously chosen pieces, but I thought it would be a really interesting way to work in terms of this project as I would not only be able to destroy the surface to create my piece, as Vhils usually does, but also have the opportunity to create my canvas too. 579 more words

Street Art

Update: Asia and New Posts Coming!

Hello again, I haven’t posted since mid October. I will go ahead and do what any person who strives to do something out of self improvement does-do it more frequently the coming year. 573 more words


One of the main things which I love about the school is the rooftop. When architecture gets a bit stressful all you need to do, is go up to the rooftop of ENSAN during sunset. 23 more words


5 people who will find this blog useful #structuredworld

5 people who will find this blog useful

  • Architecture Students
  • Engineering Students
  • Architects interested in the engineering principles related to buildings and structures
  • Engineers interested in art & design principles related to buildings and structures…
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Hello to everyone from the first day of 2015! I hope you were excited for the new year and celebrated it as you wish.

Because I did not actually as many architecture students around the world. 113 more words


Joey Fala, Organist and Architecture Student

I just saw on the Saturday morning show, that there are students at prestigious George Washington  University who have signed petitions supporting  exchanging an American citizen for an illegal immigrant! 227 more words

Melancholy Spaces

Broken conversations
And interesting faces.
Sad eyes
In Claustrophobic spaces.
We talk about, melancholy.
We talk about lasting scars.
We talk in, remember when’s.
If memories are the only things we take to our graves… 65 more words