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Assignment No. 1: Pet House

Little known fact: biggest gratification comes in the form of a small child running up to you on a subway platform, asking, “How did you do that?”


Senior Year

You ever have one of those days? How about weeks? That’s what it’s been like since I’ve been back.  It’s like I never left. Barcelona is just a distant memory. 353 more words


by Christopher Benninger

Lesson One

“To gain something beautiful, one may have to give up something beautiful.”

One day, sitting in my garden campus in near Pune, surrounded by fifteen acres of fruit trees, flowering plants and lawns, a young architecture student came unannounced to meet me, insisting to have our picture taken together. 1,173 more words

Why Architecture?

Whenever I meet a new person and we get to talking about school or goals or something to that affect, I get a lot of people who are surprised I have chosen to go into architecture. 927 more words


Chasing perfection

I want to start off by mentioning that I am not a perfectionist. Everything I talk about in this specific post is not going to somehow redefine the word “perfection” or the activity of seeking perfection. 483 more words


Stay in Wonder

Escape is something I find myself writing about time and again. Maybe it’s because this blog is an outlet for my thoughts. Or maybe it’s because summer break is the time when I de-stress from the past year of school and prep for the coming one. 1,154 more words



This past year has been extremely hard to balance the emotional aspects of recovering from the assault with trying to prove to everyone that I could make it through the school year. 202 more words