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extracted from thesis

Paragraph from final year thesis in architecture school.  I hope to keep reminding myself the reason to be in architecture:

Very much like human beings, to me, buildings are fragile yet stiff in nature; they accumulate emotions as they collect experiences of hidden cultural signals.

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Fascist Architecture in Relation to Modernism

 Fascist architecture is a unique style that originated with the dawn of the fascist political party in Europe. Its purpose was to inspire awe through sheer scale and sense of monumentality, while returning to classical roots to invoke ideas of the Roman empire, a society fascist leaders Hitler and Mussolini idolized. 1,930 more words


The Evolution of Spandrel Through Modernism

The Bauhaus architecture of the city of Tel Aviv uses spandrel in a uniquely modern way, marking almost exactly the moment in which modern architecture changed into its more recognized, current form. 291 more words


Souvenirs: A Guide to Manchester Town Hall, Manchester, Date Unknown.

Here are some interesting facts from the guide for your consideration:

  • Over the main door is a statue of the Roman General Agricola, who founded Mamuciam in 79 AD.
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