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                                                               City center -Cambridge- Photo by mommy cook for me

Hi everyone!

I went to Cambridge last month for visit and I just took some picture around the area such as the King’s Collage-Cambridge  University, Chapel and City center of Cambridge as below.The city of Cambridge has come to symbolise university education.Cambridge culture is founded on the ideas of inclusiveness and diversity. 30 more words


Modern Guesthouse Extension to 19th century House, Sweden

In Sweden, architect Bengt Mattias Carlsson created a pavilion adjacent to a residence dating from the late 1800s. The pergola is made from glue-laminated timber beams set atop steel posts; it protects the pool from falling pine needles. 9 more words


Fried Sketch 1 | Schizzo Fritto 1

Well, let’s start a new series: the Fried Sketches. And here’s the first one. 9 more words

Marco Bigliazzi