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Archive: Dating With Kids (Dating Joy Part 2)

Kids can be evil.


Dating is hard enough, but it’s evenharder when you have kids. Welcome to segment 2 of my “dating joy” blogs where I delve into the ultimate glee of dating in this day and age. 647 more words

Archive: The C Word (Compromise)

Okay guys, this is going to be a semi-serious blog so sit back and get the alcohol ready.


For those of us who have already been through a lot of those pesky “life experiences” like I have, you know that an important part of it is the big C WORD… compromise. 992 more words

Archive: How Old Do You Feel?



People say it’s just a number and I tend to agree. Do you feel any different than you did when you were younger? Do you feel your age? 839 more words

Archive: Internet Dating (Dating Joy Part 1)

There are a lot of creepy people out there.


Okay, so my score card isn’t awesome. I decided to “internet date” before it was popular. Of course… my idea of internet dating back in the 90′s (stfu I’m not old) was to use AOL to find older guys in chat rooms to make myself feel more important than I really was. 959 more words

Archive: Family Vacation?

You see it all the time: ads showing happily families singing obnoxious songs for the ten hours of driving it takes them to get to whatever vacation location they decided on! 673 more words

Archive: Finals For A Mom

Because being a single mom in college isn’t hard enough, we’re going to throw finals into the mix.


These are the first finals I have experienced in my college life, and holy crap they are full of anxiety and drama. 858 more words

Archive: A Mom In College

Managing life with two small children isn’t easy. Managing life with two small children as a single mother is worse. Managing life with two small children as a single mother in college is pretty much the Olympics of Insanity. 1,089 more words

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