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Talking legs

Today’s guest picture is another lovely canal shot from Amsterdam.  This is one of my sister Mary’s views.

After the excitement and sunshine of the past couple of days, today was relatively dull in more than one way.  674 more words


Digital is Forever – NOT!

The digital age has been a boom for the information profession and humankind. However, this boom has brought with it many new and interesting challenges for archiving professionals that must be met or we face losing an enormous amount of information – some of which cannot be replaced. 937 more words


3 steps to planning for a social media crisis

You might as well accept it. You’ll be involved in a social media crisis one day. And without the right planning that can hurt.

Planning to meet a crisis takes time and effort. 1,211 more words

Digital Marketing

At the Personal Digital Archiving Conference

I wear all sorts of hats.  Last week I put on my Master’s student hat and headed to Indianapolis to learn more about Personal Digital Archiving. 302 more words


Celluloid Man - Second Run DVD Review

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Prince’s Under The Cherry Moon. The film is cinematic Dorian Gray mirror; mechanical masturbator; Fellini appropriator; a pure attempt to self-immortalize on celluloid. 720 more words

DVD Review

"Disposable Gen" by Richard F. Yates

A few days ago, Mariah was reading the Sunday paper, and the only section of “above ground” news that I find interesting is the comics (and that mostly out of nostalgia for when comics were worth reading,) so when I spotted that particularly colorful section, I borrowed it for a few seconds, long enough to read one strip, then gave it back. 621 more words