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Embassy Intern Pt.6: The End

The final week at the embassy has arrived and perhaps just at the right time. The days continue to get noticeably shorter, as the sun rises at a quarter past eight and the sun sets before 3 p.m.; there is certainly an adjustment to be made compared to life in Canada. 530 more words

2014/15: Publications for the new year

Since we’re entering the season of accounting for what you’ve done in the past year and planning for the next (sort of like REF, for those of you in the UK), now seems like a good time to call attention to publications of mine that have come out very recently or that are forthcoming in the very near future. 642 more words

Arctic Climate Security Weekly Round-Up: The U.S. as an Arctic Nation

For many, the Arctic seems so remote that it may as well be on the moon. But the United States is very much an Arctic nation, and the security implications of climate change effects on the region are significant. 331 more words

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