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On The Road Again Grooves

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America, and come 11 PM this evening I will be on a Greyhound bus headed to see my lovely family. Montreal is far enough away from my home that road travel makes for an incredibly long journey, but close enough that I can’t justify the expense of airfare. 232 more words


Research and Development - Passionate Me Presentation

Before term had ‘officially’ begun we were set the task of creating a ‘Passionate Me’ presentation. What seemed on the face of it to be an unnecessarily cheesy opening task actually turned into a really fun and interesting ‘ice-breaker’ for a lot of the students (like myself) joining the Media production course on the third year. 437 more words

Research And Development (360MC)

Arctic Monkeys: AM One Year On

With the Arctic Monkeys’ AM tour having come to an end in Rio de Janeiro this month now seems as good a time as any to review how the most recent offering stands up among the band’s collected works to date. 392 more words


Music: Well-Known and Unknown

I thought it might be fun to do a music related post about the two side of my music tastes: the well-known stuff I like and also some unknown stuff I listen too. 531 more words


Why I Hate the Arctic Monkeys

Okay, I don’t really hate the Arctic Monkeys. I don’t even really know the Arctic Monkeys. I’m listening to them now and they’re okay (fun fact: I am almost always listening to an artist as I write about them). 872 more words


Grooves 3

Are You Listening by Kopecky Family Band -

There is just so much talent on display in this song. The call and response between the soulful whistling and the twangy guitar riff, the harmonizing vocals, the clever lyrics… the composition is nothing short of elegant. 200 more words


On the top of intelligence a.k.a a dose of good music

blue moon girls from once upon a Shangri-La

how I often wonder where you are

you’ve got that face that just says 

baby, I was made to break your heart