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Snowflake Making!

Our topic in Science is Arctic Habitats.
In Art today we made snowflakes, we folded a square of paper and decorated it with lines and patterns, then we used scissors to carefully make different shapes in our snowflake.

Here is the result!

EP1 Blue

Thinking outside the Ice Cube

I’ve just posted a ‘reflections’ piece on the Ice Law Project blog, where I use the aims of the Ice Law Project to look back at testimony that I gave on Tuesday to the… 81 more words


We are very excited to announce today, we will be officially launching tomorrow at 7pm NZ-time!

We have found the secret recipe for photographers to achieve success, that alone that’s Pixel Arctic alone. 29 more words

Summit Station, Greenland

Welcome to Summit! 72°35’46″N 38°25’19″W

At the height and heart of the Greenland ice sheet Summit sits at 10,530ft (~3,200m), surrounded by thousands of square miles of ice. 269 more words


At the Trans Alaska Pipeline’s Start, Where 200 Million Barrels of Oil Begin their Journey Each Year

A couple years ago I visited the southern end of the 800-mile-long Trans Alaska Pipeline in Valdez, Alaska. As the northernmost port that remains free of ice, the Valdez Marine Terminal is where crude oil from the North Slope oil fields is loaded on tankers destined for refineries on the west coast of the United States. 522 more words


Sanctions on Russia: Helping or hindering the Arctic environment?

Many in the Arctic have vowed that tensions outside the region between Russia and the West would not affect circumpolar cooperation. After last week’s downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, however, the escalation of tension has threatened to spill northward, at least in the political realm. 1,041 more words