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Several Russian TU-95MS bombers fly over Arctic

Russian military video demonstration of Tupolev TU-95 bomber deploying cruise missile

ITAR-TASS News Agency is reporting the presence of ‘several’ Russian TU-95MS strategic bombers escorted by MiG-31 interceptor planes over the Arctic on Wednesday. 114 more words

watch me on Healycam

There’s a camera on the bow of the USCG Healy that takes a picture approximately every hour.  There’s usually location and heading information overlaid too.  Check it out! 23 more words


Grandpa's role building an air base at the top of the world

In the early 1950s, a sheet metal worker from Detroit providing for his wife and two kids saw an advertisement for his trade to work in Greenland. 272 more words


Blog: Cool weather lately…but warming Arctic?

I talked about the atypical weather pattern lately and the cooler weather that has followed it. In fact, Norfolk International Airport only had a high of 78 yesterday, when the average high temperatures is 87 degrees for this time of year.

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Climate Change Cruise: See the Effects of Global Warming While Contributing to Them

(Editor’s Note:  Is anyone else hoping for a repeat of the Antarctic research ship incident from last winter??  This time, let them stay stuck in the ice.   252 more words

Climate Change

Studying Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: The Launching of OCO-2

The instruments on OCO-2 are so precise they will count the number of CO2 molecules in the layers of our atmosphere!

By Linn Smith

July 29,2014—On July 2, 2014, NASA launched its first successful spacecraft, called OCO-2, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory #2, (# 1 failed in 2009), to study atmospheric carbon dioxide levels of the entire planet. 437 more words

Climate Change