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There is nothing better than shooting the places closest to your heart. And my heart definately belongs to this valley called Skittendalen. I`ve spent countless days in this area since i was a little kid. 98 more words

Conservative government not keen for Canadians to find out about disappearing Polar Ice

Considering the effort the Canadian military is putting into the North, here’s an interesting development on the Arctic front. The details are contained in an article by Postmedia science reporter… 1,219 more words

Defence Watch

Nine Days on Top of the World

Snow-capped mountains. Colliding slabs of sea ice. Polar bears, narwhals and ringed seals. These are the images that I had in my head of the Arctic. 851 more words


Study tracks rapid ice age climate shifts

Findings show delicate balance of ice sheets, winds and ocean currents

Staff Report

FRISCO — The superstorm depicted in “The Day After Tomorrow” may be completely implausible, but that doesn’t mean the Earth’s climate system is always as stable as it seems now. 548 more words

Climate And Weather

Low calcium carbonate saturation state in an Arctic inland sea having large and varying fluvial inputs: The Hudson Bay system

The Hudson Bay system (HBS) is a shallow inland sea in the Arctic, composed of Hudson Strait, Foxe Basin/Channel, James Bay and Hudson Bay. Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and total alkalinity (TA) measurements were used to investigate the state of ocean acidification, specifically calcium carbonate saturation states (Ω) and pH. 216 more words


A memorable junket, Part II: my 2003 journey with the GG

Here was the real treat for me as I tagged along on the 2003 state visit with Governor General Adrienne Clarkson to Finland and Iceland. This state visit took me back to Inari, a Saami centre of in northern Finland with a population of about 2,200. 791 more words