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9/2/14 National News: The Cause of Polar Vortex? Study Has Answer

Millons across the United States heard the phrase a little more often than they would have liked this past winter. 180 more words

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At the end of the world

Most Norwegians tends to travel south in the summer for beaches, heat and cheap drinks. However, this summer I traveled north. I was invited to stay at the world’s northernmost fortress, by the Commander of the fortress himself. 700 more words


13 Reasons Why Polar Bears Are Similar To Human Beings

This is the fourth instalment of the “bear” section.

Here are the other different types of bear that are featured:


Baby, it’s cold outside

I needed rules for cold climates for 5e, and the DMG isn’t out yet.  Voila!

Severity of Cold Environments:

  • Cold
    40 to 0 degrees
    Every ten minutes, DC 5 Constitution-Survival check, or suffer a level of exhaustion.
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Canadian military exercises in the Arctic


TML Weekly (Aug. 30) – From August 20 to 25, prior to departing for the NATO Summit to be held in Wales on September 4-5, Prime Minister Harper went on his extensive annual Arctic tour. 715 more words

No Harbour For War

Defeat Harper! Canada Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!


TML Weekly (Aug. 30) – As the NATO Summit takes place behind a “Ring of Steel” in Newport, Wales and the peoples of Poland and all of Europe and the world mark the horrendous anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of Poland, the awareness increases that the world faces terrible dangers all over again. 956 more words

No Harbour For War

'Tis but thy name that is my enemy

Being the namesake of a newly discovered species is typically an honour. But for cement company Lafarge, the naming of Charopa lafargei is something of a headache. 661 more words