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Fewer Arctic warships, leased tankers a sign of more modest shipbuilding plan

OTTAWA – The Harper government is trimming its expected order of Arctic patrol ships and evaluating a set of unsolicited proposals to convert civilian cargo ships for use by the Canadian navy, The Canadian Press has learned. 724 more words


New on 500px : #13 Electric Midnight by Arild_Heitmann by Arild_Heitmann

PLEASE VIEW ON BLACK. If you want the chance to explore Arctic Norway and Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway in particular, please check out www.lofotentours.com… 43 more words

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Changing rainfall a worldwide problem

Siberian wildfires so intense they melted the permafrost beneath them. Flooding in Alberta that paralyzed a major city. Toxic algae blooms in Lake Winnipeg that have grown 1,000 per cent since 1990. 536 more words


Arctic Sea Ice Recovering Strongly

By Paul Homewood




Just about a month after hitting minimum, Arctic sea ice has been growing back strongly, according to DMI.

Extent is slightly above 2005’s level and just below 2006’s for this time of year.

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American scientists unearth lost 1960s polar satellite images worth billions

David Gallaher was eight years old in 1964, watching satellites twinkling high overhead. That year, the first American to orbit the planet left NASA, the Soviets put the first multi-person crew in orbit, and one tiny satellite, Nimbus 2, was taking grainy black-and-white images of the entire surface of the planet. 110 more words