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Filling the frame

Zooming a long telephoto lens while tracking a flying bird is like simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your tummy—it can be done but requires a lot of practice. 131 more words


A big bird on Thanksgiving Day

I started my Thanksgiving Day early with a big bird. No, I wasn’t preparing a turkey—I was sharing a quiet moment with this Great Blue Heron ( 27 more words


Heron at dusk

As the sun went down and a sliver of the moon appeared at Huntley Meadows Park, a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) made a last attempt to catch a fish in the dwindling light. 16 more words


Wherein he sticks his landing

Life spreads itself across 
the ceiling to make you think 
you are penned in, but that 
is just another gift. Life takes 
what you thought you couldn’t live 

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Eat poems for breakfast

“Lie still in a stream and breathe water. Climb to the top
of the highest tree until you come to the branch
where the blue heron sleeps.

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Possibly knowing that you could never find it again

“…the fishes swam into his hand, and he took them out of the water; he pulled the woodchuck out of its hole by the tail, and took the foxes under his protection from the hunters.

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Spread Your Wings and Dry Away

Here we have a special visitor to the oak savanna.

This is a beautiful Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias). This is a very large bird, about four feet tall with a six-foot wingspan. 46 more words