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Building a CNC router

We’re working on a CNC router for a customer who has an engraving process that they would like automated.  Currently they engrave by hand and it’s very labor intensive…there is a better way!   8 more words

Project Updates

Project Ubertooth

An open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform suitable for Bluetooth experimentation.

via Project Ubertooth.


DIY Workshop Madness

I am really excited to be teaching a series of open source software and hardware workshops this year at Yale as part of a new initiative we started called the Open Music Initiative.   278 more words

Electronic Music

Using the TinyOS Bluetooth Bee Shield with an Arduino

Setting Up
Before you start you need to identify the location of several important parts. Hold the bluetooth Bee shield so that the Bluetooth Bee board is at the top. 631 more words


Gearing up for a good Friday

I spent today preparing the LEDs for installation tomorrow. It should be a great Friday if everything works out.
The process was soldering resistors to three of the four legs of each LED, soldering them to long pieces of the stranded core wire, soldering short pieces of solid core to the ends, and then heatshrinking and taping everything.The heat shrink and tape combination seems to be a decent way to waterproof my connections. 72 more words


A Custom Bicycle Dashboard

If you’re not satisfied with the lightweight digital speedometer that you can buy at your local bike shop, why not build your own bicycle dashboard using various electrical components and wood? 186 more words


Sparkfun Ships 2000 MicroViews Without Bootloaders

Everyone has a bad day right? Monday was a particularly bad day for the folks at Sparkfun. Customer support tickets started piling up, leading to the discovery that they had shipped out as many as  630 more words