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Arduino fake bomb for airsoft - an idea

After searching for stuff to print with a 3d printer (belongs to my bro) I found some interesting entries on instructables.
Some guys built a prob bomb for airsoft with an arduino and a keypad. 108 more words


Personal Robot

I am thinking about working on a new project. My own robot. Well, haven’t we heard that before! :)
But really I thought I must start somewhere. 96 more words

Bootstrap...or not so much

I’ve tried working with the Raspberry Pi, it shows the possibilities, albeit a small size this computer can get so much done. Tried hooking up the rPi with the UNO board through the Serial interface. 88 more words

A New Beginning

I met with the Fizzible team from fizzible.com. Talked with Pratik and got to know about how they started fizzible and how they plan to continue, also telling about myself a bit. 57 more words

Jelly Visual Sound_video

This year Jelly is going to Maker Faire 2014.

Here’s a short video where you can see how it works in the dark..

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Setup Arduino on CentOS 7

Setup Arduino on CentOS 7

Here I will Show you how you can start your Arduino on Linux CentOS 7.

First you need following:

1. Arduino device… 569 more words

FX Pipeline

Check your stress - linear polarizer

We know that light is an electromagnetic wave. In its random status, the electric vector of the light waves can be in any directions perpendicular to the light propagation direction.  539 more words


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