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A folding bike for chic geeks

What originated as a research project at the University College London, JIVE Bike has emerged as a new geek chic form of transportation in and around cities. 194 more words


Good Morning: Step in to Arduino....

So I’ve bought one of those cheap Arduino kits off eBay… In fact I’ve bought the cheapest one that I could find from a European seller… Bought it on Chinese shop with an UK warehouse, but the kit came from Sweden… Talk about globalization… After waiting around 10 days, I’ve got my kit, and in 5 minutes a LED was blinking in pure RGB glory (just red…). 328 more words


Send smells to your friends with Senti8

Have you ever been taking a walk on a perfect summer evening and wanted to scent the smell of fresh flowers to your loved one on the other side of the planet? 248 more words

Makers Movement

Turning pollution into art with Arduino

Media artist Dmitry Morozov has found a way to turn offensive pollution into enticing art through a portable, Bluetooth-connected device entitled “Digioxide.”

In an attempt to raise public awareness of the environmental pollution by artistic means, the Maker’s wireless creation uses a set of sensors to measure the presence of gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and even dust in the air, which are translated into volts, and an Arduino algorithmically then translates those volts into the shapes and colors you see below. 82 more words

Makers Movement

Controlling an 8*8 LED matrix using Arduino Uno

Components required

  • 8*8 LED matrix
  • Arduino
  • Wires
  • Multimeter


The first step is the recognition of pins. There are two ways of doing this project. 286 more words


Variable Electronic Load

I often find myself needing a constant current load when testing power supplies, high power LEDs etc. I have thought about building my own for a while now ever since seeing the one Dave Jones built on his… 786 more words