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Replace Your Car's Clock with an On Board Diagnostics Display

If you’re a car lover, or simply someone who is bothered by not knowing what’s going on in your “machine” at all times, you might be interested in having a customizable diagnostics display. 193 more words


Arduino controls the Pumpkin King and his scarecrow minions

While carving pumpkins, hanging up a skeleton or two, and affixing a few stickers on windows is plenty of decoration for most families, there are always those Maker-filled households throughout a neighborhood that go above and beyond. 117 more words


My hallowe'en costume

Yes, I’m going as a bar graph. I’m an ex-physicist, a tech writer and a geek, so it’s perfect.

I have to admit that after 30 years of working on technical illustrations that ended up on magazine covers and people’s walls as art it’s a little bit of a come-down, but hey, this one is… 264 more words


ATmega328 powers this geeky jack-o'-lantern

There is just something magical about a flame or electric candle flickering inside a pumpkin on All Hallows’ Eve. While it may be common to see jack-o’-lanterns on nearly every doorstep, it is a bit less common to come across one as geeky as this. 49 more words

Makers Movement

ZVisualLogger demonstration movies with Arduino.

Making format of sensor data and SPP configuration for visualization.


Start communication. Receiving and analyzing sensor data.


These videos are based on… 9 more words


Import math... wait, this is Arduino.

I miss python. Its so easy, you want a sentient robot? Just “Import Sentience” and there you go. You want to answer math questions? “Import math” “Import cmath” its all very simple. 78 more words