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We're only a week and a half in?!

These first two weeks of January have been insane at school.  I think herding cats would be easier than getting eighth graders back into a routine.   173 more words

8th Grade

Bailed on me

So my date just bailed on me even though I asked him almost a month ago to go to a dance with me because he got a girlfriend. 330 more words


How To Pack A Car (Alone) With 2 Children In 27 Easy Steps

1- A week before your trip, make multiple lists for every possible item you may need.

2- Spend every spare moment you have in that preceding week packing the bags and making new lists. 961 more words

Skinny Jeans

I had a very strange experience while shopping for jeans the other day.  First of all, let me say that the last time I went shopping for…well, any kind of clothing for myself…was right after Alexa was born.   827 more words

What's For Dinner?

Disclaimer: Nick is a really good husband and father. Seriously. He feeds, bathes and puts Alexa to bed at least three times a week because I am at work or teaching and he’s done a fantastic job so far when he’s been at home by himself with both girls when I’m working on a weekend. 495 more words

A Whole Lot of Crazy - part 2

Since Alexa has had the bumpers off of her crib, she has been having a little problem at night keeping her pacis.  She doesn’t realize it, but when she’s sleeping she throws them on the floor.  676 more words

A Whole Lot of Crazy - Part 1

Alexa has always been great going to bed (when I’m home).  She’s one of those kids who you put in the bed, she picks up her paci and bunny, turns on her music, lays down and goes to sleep.   654 more words