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What Corporate Recruiters Really Want From A Staffing Agency

Let me be really clear here to start this post off: I’m not hating on staffing agencies. In fact, far from it. I actually grew up on the agency side; I cut my teeth there. 1,167 more words


Cool story, bro.

Unsolicited gym pics may quite possibly be worse than unsolicited dick pics.


A Strongly Worded Letter To Taylor Swift

Dear Tay,

I get that you’re trying with your new album to prove that all the haters are crazy, NOT you, but like, throwing a bitch fit and pulling all of your music seems to me to accomplish the exact opposite. 463 more words

Is Drake The Father Of This Baby On Maury? [VIDEO]

A guy was on Maury saying that he can’t be the father of this girl’s baby because it looks like Drake! Drake, ARE YOU THE FATHER? 44 more words


In "What the Hell!" News: A 90-year-old Man and Two Ministers Were Arrested for Feeding the Homeless

I’m so glad I live in a world where a 90-year-old man can be arrested for feeding the homeless. You know, I hope he gets jail time, it’s the only way they’ll learn! 44 more words


Why Reference Checks Need To End

The recruiting industry should be proud of itself. In the last 15 years that I’ve been fortunate to be a recruiter, I’ve spent time on the agency side, in-house corporate roles, and as a consultant (a real one, not the unemployed kind). 1,070 more words