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#NewVideo: @StuMadoff "#YaakovChrist" #StuMadoff & @BorgataMOB

New video “Yaakov Christ” by Stu Madoff (Nephew to Bernie Madoff)! The NY based rapper has his own unique Jewish style, wordplay and has been working on new material since being featured by Complex Magazine, PigeonsAndPlanes, 662online.com, UpRoxx, NYMag and others. 26 more words

New Video

What does your resume say about you?

I get to look through a lot of resumes in my line of work. I know, I know, you are jealous. Who wouldn’t want to look through thousands of resumes every day? 473 more words


Annoying Things People Say

1. ‘It is what it is.’ Whoa. Wait.. Really?

2. ‘No offence but…’ Aka prepare to be insulted

3. (Similarly…) ‘I’m not racist but…’

4. … 173 more words


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Not exactly related to my normal mental health posts --- but completely funny and spot on with my thoughts! Humor is healthy!!

Are you serious: Melina

By: Steven Smirfitt

Welcome back to Are you Serious! Smirfitts Speech’s look at the best of the worst angles/storylines to be pitched or make to it to air. 335 more words


Aviva Drescher IS This Year's Song Of The Summer

I was just reading one of Bob Lefsetz’s illuminating letters today titled “Modern Life” and in it he talks about how we, as a nation, can’t agree on a song of this year’s summer because there is so much chatter in the world, from television to movies to music singles that are here today and gone tomorrow. 186 more words


Movie Theater Etiquette

First Blog Ever. I’m sure I should start on an inspiring “Go Getum” kind of step but you know what…I’m going to do the opposite! One cannot expect to be inspiring all day every day! 348 more words

Relax And Get Busy

A real head scratcher. As in, WHAT THA FUCK

I really don’t even know where to begin on this one. I should be embarrassed, but this is real life and real life is ugly and embarrassing. 854 more words