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Slumlord Antics: 'Re: Inspection:

This letter, dated the 9th, was on the ground in front of the doors of the tenants of my building yesterday, the 10th.

Just a little while ago she called the only tenant that she will answer on occasion (because she used to work for her keeping up the building but she is refusing to shoulder all the stupid of late and for good reason) to say that she was not going to show up and the excuses don’t even matter. 94 more words

Des Moines

Recruiting IS Sales - How I've Come To Accept It

I read the article by Kyle Lagunas about recruiting, and how it’s not like selling at all. And while I appreciate his thoughts, I think they are misguided, and frankly, I still think he’s speaking as an “expert” in an area where he doesn’t have any applicable experience. 1,191 more words


Uh wait what?

So I was driving home from work the other day and was stopped behind a long line of traffic. Wondering what was going on I move my car a bit to the side and this is what I see. 72 more words

Are You Serious?

Baby Workness

Okay so I’m sure everyone is sick of me talking about work, but I swear nothing feels better than a nice clean zoned up baby diaper area am I right?! 83 more words

Are You Serious?

Maybe I'm just wrong about the whole thing?

In the last three months I’ve gone out a few times with a nice guy. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling it.

However also in the last few months, I’ve been approached now by 3 different guys. 235 more words


Promises You Meant to Keep

Honestly, I don’t care what the circumstances are, if you tell someone that you are going to take them home from an event at midnight, because they do not have a car at said event, and all of a sudden you decide that you do not want to (because, you know, your pharm frat brothers show up, and you decide that you would rather play corn hole with them than actually fulfill something that you said you actually would do), I have lost all respect for you.  241 more words


can it

I was having dinner with friends at a Thai restaurant the other night, and one person had ordered a dish (I forget what – maybe Pad Thai or something) that had a bunch of beansprouts heaped on top of it. 400 more words