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Why Reference Checks Need To End

The recruiting industry should be proud of itself. In the last 15 years that I’ve been fortunate to be a recruiter, I’ve spent time on the agency side, in-house corporate roles, and as a consultant (a real one, not the unemployed kind). 1,070 more words


How It All Started

Badass Parents

I have been observing these parents who have 2 boys for some time now. We are going to call the mom “Crystal” and we will call the dad “James”. 200 more words

Urban Outfitters: a Saga of Bad Taste

No matter how hard some people try, they just keep screwing up. It’s always the same narrative of one ill-founded decision after the other, like Lindsey Lohan or, my favorite issue-laden celeb, Shia LaBeouff. 617 more words

Young Adult Life

Are you serious: Akeem

Welcome back to Are you serious, Smirfitt’s Speech’s look at the most outrageous storylines and gimmicks in pro wrestling history.

Perhaps one of the worse gimmick changes of all time saw the one man gang, a 6 foot 9, 457 pounds white male with a beard go from an overweight biker to Akeem the African Dream. 349 more words