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Why people lie — and how to tell if they are

Everybody lies. It may only be “white” lies, but everyone tells lies or “omits the truth” sometimes. We start lying at around age 4 to 5 when children gain an awareness of the use and power of language. 666 more words


reasons to smile!

there are enough reasons to smile on this world!
the thing we don’t do enough is to watch what you all got in this world. the reasons to smile is for every person different. 959 more words


What are we?

What are we?

Between the silence and the unspoken words

Two hearts synchronizing

I wonder if it’s best not to know.


Where’s your head at?

October 20,2014

Are you ok?

A Simple question. A simple question that if ignored will further the already bleak picture of mental health in Australia. 710 more words


You Already Read This Post 5 Minutes from Now and Loved It

We’ve all had that special moment in our childhood. We just saw Back to the Future, or Terminator or Harry Potter 3 and the only thought that crossed our minds was ‘I want that’. 794 more words


Are you working longer hours? You’re not alone.

Are you working longer hours? You’re not alone.

Updated: 30 Jun 2014

  • 31% of employers have increased overtime;
  • 65% said overtime was unpaid.

Almost one in three (31%) employers report that their employees are clocking up increasing amounts of overtime, according to the 2014… 437 more words