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Class Essay 6

by Abigail Cornwell

Today, we learned basic information about the class, had an in class discussion about what psychology actually is, and began reviewing a PowerPoint on cross cultural psychology. 579 more words

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Class Essay 5

by Kellie Pawelski

During class on November 21st, the first topic that we learned about was vocabulary of motives. From what I understood from class, this is the need for people to find a way to express in words or phrases what their motivation was for something in a way that is accepted by their culture. 387 more words

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Class Essay 4

by Tyler Alexander

We discussed a wide variety of topics today. One topic that we talked quite a bit about today was the idea of temperament and whether or not someone is genetically given a temperament at birth or whether it is something picked up from other factors later on in life. 793 more words

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Class Essay 3

The group that I was in consisted of me the facilitator, Adrian the reporter, and Charlette the recorder. In class, our group discussed Ethnocentrism and its necessity in cross-cultural psychology. 359 more words

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Class Essay 2

At the beginning of class Prof. Devine defined temperament as personality traits present in infancy. I am curious what kind of genetic aspect influences someone’s aggressive temperament. 230 more words

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Class Essay 1

In class we learned about the origin of intelligence tests, and how Alfred Binet used it to place students in the correct class rooms to support their learning level. 448 more words

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Tawayel: a timeline of torment

Tawayel (Tell al Khashaba) is a small community of herding families living in a beautiful area of the West Bank. Their very existence has been continuously threatened by the Israeli authorities throughout the year of 2014. 1,603 more words

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