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Area Rugs

Choosing Carpet? Think Creatively!

When we think of making interior design changes to our home, we often think of a fresh coat of paint, a new sofa or even reupholstering a piece of furniture without ever looking under our own two feet for the obvious solution. 270 more words

MODA Floors & Interiors

Caring For Your Jute and Cowhide Rugs

People love to decorate and beautify their homes. People buy expensive furniture and apply classy paint to enhance the beauty of rooms within their house. What they do not know is that they can change the entire look of it by just buying the right kind of rug for that room. 430 more words

Area Rugs

My Etching Experiment

So I wanted to try my Skills at ETCHING. I ordered a bottle of “Pro-Etch” from Micro Mark, and followed the instructions on the bottle. 363 more words

Using The 60-30-10 Rule To Pick A Beautiful Area Rug

The principle of 60-30-10 is rooted in the interior design theory and is highly applicable to almost every room around the house. This concept designates a percentage to each color in a room to make your home visually appealing to yourself and others. 459 more words

Orange County Rug Store

Fiber: Basic Ingredient in Area Rugs, Carpet

The basic fibers used in area rugs and carpet today all have their individual strengths. Your ultimate choice will be determined by the characteristics that are most important to you. 327 more words

MODA Floors & Interiors