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Virgision village

Hazelwood reports (after a few beers):

“I was heading back towards Tantallon one day and picked up a right
jumpy-looking fellow, who ran to the boat just as I was taking off. 83 more words


Construction sites with a view: The London Docklands

London, UK, images, buildings, offices, commercial, shops, hotels, venues, development, tallest building, London Docklands, horizon, skyline; construction site, fence, warning signs, safety 8 more words


Streets: Lambeth Road, London, UK

London, UK, images, places, streets, addresses, areas, Southwark, Lambeth Road


Anyone Here Loves Ai?

Just been thinking, I am a programmer, and one if my favourite areas is AI… I spent a lot of time talking to cleverbot and making my own small AI, creating simple calcuators, string comparators and… (Rambles on about programming into eternity ) Anyway, I ve been thinking, does anyone else like AI chat bots, I made on myself, that I can talk to sometimes, and that is really good to me (a very forever alone thing to do, but I made it nearly 2 years ago, runs in cmd prompt). 14 more words

Assisted Living in Fairfax, VA: Areas of Personal Care It Helps With

Top service providers of assisted living in Fairfax, VA also focuses on the nutritional and feeding needs of their clients. If your loved one is currently on a special diet or requires assistance when eating, trust that a professional caregiver will know what to do—and even what meals to prepare. 6 more words

Expansion of Brook Hill estate

Brook Hill Gate, Brook Hill Pond and Brook Hill Lock is the newest addition to the Brook Hill estate – all for residential purposes. With more open waters and spacious layout, the new parcels are ideal for settling in and building a home. 18 more words