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'Dying'! SCOTUS' Aereo ruling deals 'Bill Clinton' a devastating blow

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled against internet service Aereo:

Second SCOTUS decision today is Aereo, the copyright/TV technology case. J. Bryer writes. 6-3 split. Aereo is illegal.— …

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The Art of the Latch

When reading posts in the ABF/ANR community or researching lactation, you’ll likely come across the word “latch” fairly often. Latch is the term used to describe the technique of sealing the lips and tongue over the nipple and areola in order to suckle milk. 379 more words

Adult Breastfeeding

Amazing Nipple Tattoos

Breast cancer survivors can now rejoice and breathe a sigh of relief.  A tattoo artist in Finksburg, Maryland is giving hope to breast cancer survivors who have had mastectomies and reconstructive surgery to have breasts again.  213 more words