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The god of war

Ares, the god of war, lives!

And his children Fear and Terror have made Zeus a grandfather!

He rides the earth on his war chariot with his lover, Discord! 409 more words


Giveaway of Gods and Gladiators

In college, I studied classical archaeology and Italy is always one of my favorite travel destinations so it was a no brainer to write a story that takes place in Ancient Rome. 43 more words


the giants were here!

The giants, possibly the biggest event in Liverpool this summer, have now come and gone. We thought we’d just see them once and that’d be it, but we ended up inadvertently doing a bit of giant-chasing, and saw them every day over four days, beginning with visiting the sleeping grandmother giant at St George’s Hall on Thursday.
583 more words

The July 23 2012 Solar Superstorm Near Miss

Considering how hams tend to be very aware of solar activity, I find it surprising how many hams are unaware of how lucky we were on July 23, 2012. 555 more words


Prosperity spells, or, be careful what you ask for

I had a conversation with a friend the other day that bears recording and commenting. There’s been a dearth of magic recorded here lately. That’s not for lack of magic going on or for lack of conversations with friends. 439 more words

Divine Interactions

Camels and Kittens

This weekend we visited Winnipeg for a night.  I had a friend visiting from Ontario to Winnipeg, and I definitely did not want to miss her :)  We had a lovely night of good food and great people, and a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity.   325 more words

Despre Ares-ul din fiecare

Acest blog este dedicat în mare parte Ares-ului ce se găseşte în noi toţi, iar scopul postărilor sper să aibă ca efect identificarea acestuia, conştientizarea lui, acceptarea lui şi încercarea de a-l limita.  452 more words