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A Fun Way to Meet Other Singles

Are you single and looking for a way to meet someone special? One of the best ways is to attend a class or join a group for an activity you love. 160 more words

Men: How to know when your Dancing is Not up to Par and Needs Therapy

I arrived at my private Argentine Tango Lesson on Friday and said, “I need Tango therapy”. “What’s wrong?”, she asked. “I seem to dance fine at classes, but then I go to milongas and my dancing just falls apart.” I’m not sure if it’s performance impotence or premature ambulation”. 563 more words


The week that will be, 21- 27 April 2014

We at DanceClub have an interesting week coming up, one with both endings and beginnings.

Let’s Dance: we finished our latest ‘stint’ of the Let’s Dance classes last week and so it’s time to give our DanceClubbers a… 332 more words

Social Dancing

Tango activities this Easter weekend

Just a quick reminder that there is tango tonight at Palermo Tango Club.  The one hour class starts at 8:15pm and is followed by friendly milonga and free refreshments. 63 more words

Tango Classes

Making the Rounds

Making the Rounds

Rrrrotate.  Chaaange partners.  Down one.  These are common words you hear in any group class you attend.  They are pretty self explanatory.  The instructor is asking you to change partners and try the exercises or moves again. 1,006 more words

West Coast Swing

Tango Indulgence

“There are no full stops in nature; neither is there absolute silence. The world and everything in it would have to stop breathing. Musicians and dancers know perhaps better than anyone else about this subconscious hum that accompanies us in ordinary and extraordinary life.

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Tango Sexism, Part 2

Tango Sexism, Part 2

The gentleman leads. The lady follows. To those unfamiliar with tango, there exists a misconception that it’s a sexist, male-dominated activity. But before we go whining to the Political Correctness police, let’s take a closer look at how the roles actually work. 859 more words

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