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Homer (1970)

I may have discovered why Led Zeppelin became so notoriously draconian about licensing their music to films.

Homer is a pretty text book film about a teen coming of age amidst the backdrop of the vietnam war, small town conservatism, and a rising anti-establishment zeitgeist. 528 more words

Blog Post #1

Class lectures just began, but the lessons have been inspiring to me. The video of Muhammad Ali and the movie Argo began to help shed a light on how the world views Islamic traditions and cultures. 730 more words

Learning From The Argonauts

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

The best thing about doing climate science the way I do it is that I can study anything I want, and there is always so much more to learn … in the present instance, there’s another year of Argo data, so I thought I’d take another stroll through the world of Argo. 1,178 more words


Savage Sword of Conan v1 #120b (January 1986)

Marvel Number: ADT0112

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artist: Geof Isherwood

Synopsis: It is the time of the Monkey Festival in Velusia. Kull does not like it as the monkey was a sign of death in his native Atlantis. 98 more words


Ağzımız Ne Zaman Bozuldu? (Alıntı Yazı)

Osmanlı insanını çağlara örnek yapan dört temel kavram: İman, hayâ, edeb ve nezaket 

İman olmadan “hayâ” (“El-hayaü mine’l-iman” hadisi), “hayâ” olmadan“edeb”, edebsiz “nezaket” 619 more words

Practical Hotel Argo

…”And since Bulgaria was beneath the dominion of the Romans * * * when, therefore, that same Serbian prince died who had claimed the emperor s protection, his son ruled in succession, and thereafter his grandson, and in like manner the succeeding princes from his family”… … 90 more words


Ready, Set, Go!

I love the movies, most of the time. And I love the Oscars, most of the time. The times when I don’t love the Oscars are the times when they choose winners that I don’t agree with – vehemently. 601 more words