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In 2012, Ben Affleck probably changed his career for the better by confirming his great talent in directing powerful movies. This time, his choice was to base his movie in the book “The Master of Disguise” by Tony Mendez and in the article “The Great Escape: How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran” by Joshuah Bearman. 669 more words


Bryan Cranston's Strategy

Yesterday, I came across a profile of Bryan Cranston in The New Yorker. And I thought this part was pretty cool, detailing the strategy he used to get the most out of seemingly thankless roles. 463 more words


Ode 5:3

The mention of Nicolas Denisot in a recent post sent me off looking for more information. I was fascinated to discover that Ronsard had been one of several Pleiade poets (others were du Bellay and Baif) who contributed poems to a book Denisot saw through the presses in 1551. 1,641 more words


'When The Game Stands Tall' Review

When The Game Stands Tall Is An Enjoyable Movie, Despite Its Manipulativeness

Have you ever watched something, be it a movie or TV show, and knew you were being manipulated? 516 more words


all the world all this time

Photographed and posted by the android. on-going right now, breakfast, Shot two seconds ago, chihuahua having coffee….

Finally figured it out today while running., solved the puzzle Mommy gave me. 251 more words


Scoot McNairy boasting some "flashy" legwear on set of Batman v Superman

With Argo star Scoot McNairy’s role in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie remaining tightly under wraps for the time being, Batman News… 109 more words


Reviewing "Elysium" by way of reviewing "Argo", merely a year late.

Some time ago I was sounding off to a friend about “Argo”, and the way it singles out politically loaded events, isolates them from a complex historical backdrop, and emotionally overcharges them to a degree that allows for reading the plot as historic revisionism. 861 more words

Gelled Hair