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Time Out...for adults :)

Most clients I see will say “we’ve tried that, it doesn’t work!” and I get it…most folks have at least tried to use this tool, unfortunately it usually looks something like one of these: 1,883 more words

The paranoia thrives

I saw the heartbeat today. I think I’m still in shock. A number of people at work today asked why I was smiling so much, and I had no idea I was smiling. 221 more words

Spousal Issues

Same ol' blog, different day!

“Laws control the lesser man…Right conduct controls the greater one.”—Mark Twain

You have options when it comes to arguing about something. You can argue to keep things the same, which in law they call it Stare Decisis. 573 more words

Psychology And Sociology

Spending too much time together

Looking back on my maternity leave, my husband and I were very fortunate, although technically allegedly the Turk was rennovating the house, we were both at home throughout my 14 months.   478 more words

The Boy

Sticks and Stones

Do you know that old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me”? I think sometimes it is easy to forget that the opposite is actually true. 561 more words


How to or Can you argue with individuals who are NT when you have intellectual disabilities/ ASD?

I am writing this blog to address something that has been on my radar but has not truly bleeped until just recently.

Just recently, I got into a discussion about debating/arguing in a community forum. 1,989 more words

Experiences 101

Healthy Doctrinal Dialogue - Is it Possible?

If you have Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably witnessed approximately 10,000,000+ cases of poor dialogue (especially in the realms of religion and politics). Recycled rhetoric, name calling, fact distorting, and other poor forms of argument all serve to cloud good conversation in the name of defending our team or protecting our sacred cows. 605 more words