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A 4 step Apology....

My daughters are 3 & 5 years old…they argue, they bicker, they fight…and it makes me crazy. But not quite as crazy as the I’m sorry charade that follows. 238 more words


Rehab - Day Six


Well, it inevitably kicked off last night.  Walked out to have a cigarette to find D—-, S——– and some others having a heated discussion with B– (who from here on in will be known as ‘the asshole’).  593 more words


Last Word

I guess you got the last word,

I have years to regret the hurt,

we gave one another

with the contempt ex-lovers

so easily do. 23 more words

Getting Over A Broken Heart


People talk talk talk, and I just try not to listen.
They won’t quit quit quit all their foolish whispering.


Never let lousy people affect you again

I’ve never told anyone this, but I have an alter ego.

When I rip off my shirt I have a giant “O” on my chest. I am Captain Obvious, because I am one hundred percent sure that you already know what I am about to tell you. 687 more words

Self Help

Co-Parenting Frustrations: My Mouth Gets Me In Trouble Every Time! I Am Not Perfect! Negativity Is Ineffective!

So I am always blogging about the attributes to a quality relationship, what qualities you should seek in a mate,  can you be with a man that is “damaged goods”, my perception of myself as the “Ride or Die” chick….you begin to think… 807 more words


Be The Change Devotional Week 16: Be Mature

The “Hot Coffee” McDonald’s case consistently shows us two things. 1), Yes, we have rights. AND 2) That we can escape any personal responsibility, act immaturely, and SUE people for ANYTHING! 391 more words

Personal Growth