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The Pot and Kettle

At least I’m not a hypocrite, like you are.

Your kind always makes sweeping generalizations about other people.

Who, me? Sarcastic? Oh, never!

You make ad hominem arguments because you are an evil, twisted person. 79 more words


Illustration for Argument: #3

Once again drawing for the Oslo based student paper called Argument. This time about an article that discusses the Irish political ideology and national romance. One about the empathy for beggars and another about the digital age and development.


Heckling to the Choir

Regular readers of this publication are aware that we disagree with almost everything President Barack Obama says and does, but we wish he wouldn’t take it personally. 485 more words


Argument/Persuasion template

The following slides will get you started constructing a persuasion essay. If your subject choice needs a different plan, do that instead.

Slide Sets

No More Heroes

I fear that I am bloodless, devoid of the passion to support any particular cause with real vigour. I worry that, because I am not an activist and I don’t add my voice to causes I sympathise with, I am somehow lacking. 894 more words

The Human Tiger and the Bartender - July 29, 2014 Dream

I was in the backseat of a car with a few people in the front seat. I looked out the window to my left and saw a tiger crawl under the chain link fence. 418 more words