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a good argument

We recently had some interaction with a company, and I came away thinking, “Not impressed.”

As I muttered this to myself, it occurred to me that the only time I can remember anyone ever saying this in real life was a teenage girl, and she was speaking to me. 310 more words


Imaginary Constructs

Sometimes when trying to discuss ideas with others, I find that some rest on unspoken implications and assumptions. We all have to make some assumptions to justify ideas, and if those assumptions are not accepted then the debate must end there before it gets to the other issues. 1,733 more words


Hi! Welcome to my blog!

Hi and welcome to my brand new blog! I am certainly not new to the blogging community, but I am new to this er- genre, of blogging. 51 more words


Day 206: A Beautiful Mind

What is bound to happen, happens
Disagreement enters the room quickly
Taking conversation into dissertation into altercation
Ugly rears its head in as well
In a full-frontal display of bold panache… 321 more words

Juan Life

6 Logical Fallacies Prevalent in Social Media Debates

Whether we like it or not, we communicate more through the written word today than in person. Social media has become all-seeing and ever-present, which means there are more worldwide debates happening on different issues today than at any time in the past. 855 more words


Flash Fiction: Newer Debts (824 words)

Lord Brance slipped into the room quietly. Nodding to the servant waiting at the wall, he let the door settle shut behind him, and took a few steady steps across the flagstones. 815 more words