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Bad atmosphere

Don’t sink to other people’s level.
Pressure increases the deeper you go, and you’ll just feel confined.
Likewise, don’t expect them to join you on your lofty perch. 24 more words

Did I suffer physical abuse?

Having spent the last week giving generic examples of the different types of domestic abuse, this week I’m going to probe into my own history… 726 more words


Decisions decisions

I honestly have no idea what to do.

I have feelings for a guy that I’ve had a “thing” with and known for a long time. 170 more words

Ask Not What Average Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Average

As an average individual arguments can be thrilling and confusing. When you are average and you find yourself in an argument, it is difficult to tell how long you should argue for and where you should take the argument. 226 more words


We Do Love a Good Debate! But Then What?

And some were persuaded by the things that were spoken and some disbelieved…..”  Acts 28:24

“…..the Jews departed and had a great dispute among themselves.”   1,144 more words

The Enemy of Marriage: Sneaky Beginnings

The Enemy is a crafty one. He tempted Eve, twisting the truth and telling her lies. He wants to separate us from God.

He goes right for the core, seeking out our weak areas and offering temptations which will drive us away from God. 603 more words

Journey Of Faith

Differing Definitions: When Rhetoric is Bullshit

It’s been my experience that explaining your profession to friends and family (especially if you’re in the humanities) is often accompanied with a justification. You can usually expect to make some quip about loving to read, try to explain why business school doesn’t interest you, or get defensive about whether or not English is a “real major.” One such recent encounter illustrated to me how definitions can incite disagreements—particularly when the definition involves your field of work. 789 more words