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We have been having some hot and sunny weather recently as I write, but we will soon forget it. Most years are not memorable for the weather. 755 more words


The Internet: How to win online arguments

Have you ever been caught in an online argument and you tried to reason with the other participant? We all know this can be an exhausting task, even if you’re not trying to actually convince anyone. 82 more words


Peace? Right? Wrong?

This post is a part of Linda’s Wordless Wednesdays

In principle, these words sound ordinary but at times really helpful.

Ever thought about the fight that you picked up on the road for a silly reason or the rude toned back answer that you gave when your mood was bad? 152 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge Day 20: The last argument you had...

I am not really sure why but every time my mother and I get on the phone or have a visit we end up arguing. She has this thing with trying to tell me how to do EVERYTHING and I have this problem with authority. 115 more words


Long winded family

Sister 1: I’m hanging up now.
Sister 2: But I was just getting to my introductory argument.

Dialogue Scraps

Argument #10: What about the children? They will be all messed up in the head with a trans* parent.

Storytime!!! Here’s a story of an event I experienced that to this day really grinds my gears…

Back during Christmas of last year, during the daytime a little gathering was held at my father and step-mother’s house. 657 more words


Closing arguments set in Iowa man's murder trial 

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) Closing arguments are scheduled Wednesday at the third trial of an Iowa man charged with killing his pregnant wife.

Prosecutors with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office will seek to convince jurors that Seth Techel killed Lisa Techel in May 2012 and has lied about what happened ever since. 74 more words