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Why Arguing Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Our Relationship

Having just celebrated our anniversary this week, my mind has been pondering what makes our relationship quite so strong. Naturally, it helps that we are two incredibly compatible people, for the most part. 568 more words

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Put your pride to the side..

pride is something either so wonderful to have for the right things of course .. Or pride is something so terrible to have & will leave you regretting so much .. 704 more words

Sometimes it is better to say nothing

People feel so angry about the situation in Gaza it can often make you feel like responding in kind. But why bother? What contribution are you making to the situation by expressing your opinion over such heated and controversial topics as Gaza, Palestine and Israel? 216 more words



When you feel like crap, think positive right? The amount of self help material I have read, downloaded, bookmarked, written, printed etc etc is quite astonishing. 2,210 more words

Argument #11: Trans people have the same rights as everyone else.

I just had this bomb dropped on me in a conversation I had with someone the other day… they thought that the transgender movement for rights is silly, and that trans people have the same rights as any other American. 635 more words