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4E: Extended Challenges

I’ve been saying for a while now that the skill challenges in D&D4e are a nifty idea that was poorly executed. The “extended challenges” rules are my attempt to fix that, essentially by adapting… 103 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Shadow or Song?

You know you’re doing it right when random street graffiti starts making sense

Showing signs from the gods

Like distorted images in a mirror


767 more words
Gods And Mortals


She refused me my name,
a mate and my right
to bear arms,
so I purchased a sword
and named it after her.

And through the silver… 17 more words


When Gods Come Back Around....

The night before I left Seattle, my brother-in-law brought me two glasses of mead which we’d brewed together, a Methyglyn, an herbed-mead brewed with herbs sacred to my gods of which the majority-part was Chamomile, sacred to Arianrhod. 701 more words

Gods And Mortals