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Inside scoop on CM Punk and his possible move to UFC in July

It’s been widely speculated for months about CM Punk’s departure from the WWE, and for the record just 2 days before the Royal Rumble PPV CM Punk had an interview at his home in Chicago with his good friend Ariel Helwani on January 24th ahead of the UFC Henderson Vs Thomson fight in Chicago on January 25th, where Punk was asked many questions about his WWE status, where he made it very clear he wasn’t happy about guys being brought back for part-time roles and getting all the limelight and big paydays while there’s talent in the back who have been full-time in the company for years on end without leave who rightfully deserve it more, and he was also asked what he thought about potentially joining UFC when his WWE contract expires in July of this year, and Punk seemed to be open to the idea of fighting in the octagon. 238 more words


Punching the Clock: The Nate Diaz Approach to Asking for a Raise

Few fighters are as divisive as Nick and Nate Diaz.  For every fan who appreciates their honest, non-canned responses to questions, there are camps dedicated to loathing them for the way they deliver their honesty. 973 more words