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Kasuku Cooking Fat: still exists?

This week the Business Daily featured Mohanial D. Karania, who founded KAPA oil refineries with his two brother in the 1960s. Theirs is a classic entrepreneurial story. 583 more words


The Litter Mermaid

Her hair. That beautiful, underwater-defying red hair. I’m talking about Ariel of course. The Little Mermaid. The human artifact-collector. The one who brushes that gorgeous hair with a fork. 1,255 more words


The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008)

In a world, where music is banned. One mermaid, does the impossible… well, really she’s just kind of obstinate to her father’s wishes throughout the film. 117 more words

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Let's Talk Disney: Never Been to Disney World or Disneyland

As much as I love disney, I’ve never been to DisneyWorld. I know, it’s quite sad (for me). I wish I could go to Disney, I’ve been given… 451 more words


Gone, But Not Gone

Today is my grandma’s birthday.

With any other relative, I’d be calling in with well-wishes, chatting for a bit about plans for the day. But for a grandmother with dementia, there’s really not much point. 1,205 more words