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Chapter 6–Beyond The Grave

Shark: “I’m bringing my babygirl back, Science place says they can bring back my love.!”

Rose: “I’m back babes!”

Rose: “Your still as sexy as ever baby love!” 421 more words


How To Avoid Being Stabbed In The Face: Expert Advice from a Neighborhood Watch Captain

Over the last several months my neighborhood has been victim to numerous criminal incidents. Several Disney Princess lawn decorations were vandalized, a cell phone was stolen at the community park, and a group of teenagers decided to pee in the bushes and subsequently freaked out a bunch of soccer moms. 1,254 more words


Kiss the girl- Little Mermaid Mani

I know, princess month was over in January but I needed a mani to match my dress for WonderCon. I was cosplaying as Ariel in her “Kiss the Girl” dress, or as my friend called it “land Ariel.” This simple Disney Bound-esque mani was perfect. 33 more words

Nail Art

Disney Heroine Body Swap - Part 2

I’ve got some more Disney heroine body swaps.  The premise: a bunch of Disney characters have a girls’ night and decide to trade clothes.  As before, I’ve grouped them by similar personalities, since they’d be likely to be friends. 300 more words


Chapter 5– Oh my!

I decided to throw a gift giving party.

Shark: “Oh my love you so pretty, kiss me now.”

Maleficent: “Your cute want to be my boyfriend?” 465 more words


Chapter 4- A Short Birthday Chapter

Previously on As the Rose Wither’s, Rose gave birth to a half Alien baby named Beast. Shark is still clueless that his wife is sleeping with aliens behind his back and believes that Beast is his first born son. 544 more words