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Fighting Children, and Happy Families

Yesterday, we were driving home from the swimming pool. ‘Ok’, I said to the children, ‘we have a busy evening ahead of us, and the first thing we need to do when we get home is have showers.’ 1,229 more words

Aristotle Drama and the Classic form

Readers of my blog know about my obsession with the classic form. Even if none of us had ever read the work of Aristotle, we know and understand the fundamentals of good drama when we discuss plot, characters and story. 811 more words


Probably Impossible

“Probable impossibilities are to be preferred to improbable possibilities.” -Aristotle

Thought For The Day

Expanding the Liberty Canon: Aristotle

Apparently  some people have enjoyed the posts on ‘Another Liberty Canon’, so I will keep going on that tack, but with a revision to the heading as I ‘ll be covering some thinkers already accepted into the liberty canon, or at least some of the various canons. 1,541 more words


You are H20

Water does stuff that we don’t do. Like evaporate. Be a place for shrimp to die. Lie on my bathroom floor until I slip on it. 675 more words


Ticket To Ride, Chapter 3: It’s the beginning of something...


When the mists had begun to form over the western valley, Psalm was waking from his cellar-bed, behind the health food store. Surrounded and framed by the white walls of the room, his face was torn with sleep. 1,890 more words


SEAN: Good afternoon to our dearest televiewers! You are watching the award-winning game show, “ Who wants to be a Chemist Millionaire?!”….For today’s episode, we have 3 intelligent chemist players namely: Dyne of Harvard University, Desiree of University of the Philippines and Anne of Caraga Regional Science High School! 702 more words

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