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Ticket To Ride, Chapter 3: It’s the beginning of something...


When the mists had begun to form over the western valley, Psalm was waking from his cellar-bed, behind the health food store. Surrounded and framed by the white walls of the room, his face was torn with sleep. 1,890 more words


SEAN: Good afternoon to our dearest televiewers! You are watching the award-winning game show, “ Who wants to be a Chemist Millionaire?!”….For today’s episode, we have 3 intelligent chemist players namely: Dyne of Harvard University, Desiree of University of the Philippines and Anne of Caraga Regional Science High School! 702 more words

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Know Thyself...and Know Thy Friends!

In his famous treatise, Nicomachean Ethics, written over two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle states that « the love of friends for one another implies purpose, and purpose proceeds from a habit or trained faculty.» In other words, committing wholeheartedly to a friend is quite an undertaking. 736 more words


Peripatetic School

Its teachings derived from its founder, the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, and Peripatetic is a name given to his followers. The school originally derived its name Peripatos from the peripatoi (περίπατοι “ 780 more words


Invention and Ziggy Stardust

Sooner or later, all writers struggle with invention. Finding something to say about any given topic involves a lengthy process of thinking, reading, contemplating evidence, and considering your means of persuasion. 398 more words


Book Plunge: The Last Superstition

What do I think of this book by Edward Feser? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

As I finished this book, I must say I was disappointed. 835 more words

Book Plunge

Care for a Wife's Health

“Seeing, then, that such care is lavished on the body’s food, surely every care should be taken on behalf of our own children’s mother and nurse, in whom is implanted the seed from which there springs a living soul.” Aristotle, Economics…

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