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Is time an illusion?

Plato argued that time is constant – it’s life that’s the illusion. Galileo shrugged over the philos-ophy of time and figured out how to plot it on a graph so he could get on with the important physics. 169 more words


* values judgements concerning human conduct, behaviour, or actions based on certain rules and standards*
– developed through learning
– virtues as moral excellence

ARISTOTLE… 99 more words


There is only one way to avoid criticism:
do nothing,
say nothing
and be nothing.

- Aristotle

Defeating Opportunism. Yet another brief reflection.

St. John Paul II’s “Love & Responsibility” is such a profound work; it laid the groundwork for what would become a series of talks we know as Theology of the Body. 421 more words


Mindful Mondy #25 - Patience

Enter sigh of relief here…ahhhh.  The weeks preceding my month of writing were the most challenging and emotional weeks I experienced this year.  In February and March, I was in a similar emotional place as I witnessed in the moment many… 343 more words


What Is Better: Being Productive or Being Lazy?

“I HATE PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE.” That was the title of a recent video by Emma Blackery, in which she talks about how awful it is to be around productive people when you are a “lazy” person, a video she starts by saying that secretly, she’s actually just jealous. 931 more words


What do I do when my faith doesn't make sense?

What do I do when my faith doesn’t make sense? Oh, the burden of rationality. I really had to wonder this week how we got to the point where we really need to understand everything. 1,327 more words