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You may have noticed that things look a bit different here since our last posting.

During the past month we’ve been busy — very busy — not only producing math videos for… 503 more words

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Latest Lessons: Subtraction

We’ve left addition for the moment.  But only for a moment.

The next section of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic book is SUBTRACTION.

That starts at Lesson 24–sorry, XXIV. 72 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

Another Review? Yes! And the Next Lesson...18

Ain’t no stopping us now.

Except for when we have to stop for a review!

A recap of Lessons 14 through 17: adding one through ten to the numbers four, five, six and seven, plus “the best of” word problems from those four lessons. 20 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

More Addition! Review Lessons 10-13; Lessons 14-17

Here are the latest video lessons from Ray’s Primary Arithmetic book.

Review Lessons 10-13: bird-watching; adding through ten for the numbers one, two and three, plus word problems. 57 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

Latest Videos: Primary Math Review Lessons 5-9; Lessons 10-13

We’ve got some more Ray’s Primary Arithmetic videos up on our YouTube channel!

First, a review lesson going over lessons 5-9 (or, as the book denotes them, … 83 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

Oral Exercises: Primary Math Lessons 7-9

Taking a break from the chalkboard/whiteboard to do some LIVE-action work.

In the Primary Math book, in a brief section called “Oral Exercises,” Lessons VII, VIII and IX have the student working with… 80 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

The Latest Primary Math Lessons on Numbers and Counting

We’ve been busy beavers.  Since our last update we completed a review lesson covering Lessons One (I) through Four (IV).  You can see that review lesson here: 145 more words

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