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Arizona-- Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon…

My spontaneous trip to the west coast took me to the beautiful state of Arizona.

The road trip to the Grand Canyon was long but so beautiful because mountains always surrounded me. 478 more words



“Pictures have a lot more power than text. Text is just a bunch of little symbols. You have to actually read it and imagine it, and even that can be censored. 80 more words


Happy Sunday!

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.
Richard Bach



“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”~Maya Angelou


I try to be the rainbow……but once in a while, I can also be the storm cloud itself. 130 more words



‘If a billowy white cloud exploded, that’d be close to what my love looks like. The only difference is my love has more precipitation. ‘- J Kintz… 171 more words


"Act Like A Kid" Diet and Exercise Plan

Seems like I’ve been worrying about what I eat and when I exercise my entire adult life. So I thought, what if I act like I did when I was a kid? 313 more words


Happy Sunday!

“Nothing is purely random, every event is at most chaotic. People have invented the word ‘random’ for describing the behaviour of things that they simply can’t comprehend.” ― Leslie Dean Brown