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Same Sex Adoption in Arizona After Latta v. Otter

Arizona’s adoption laws could be influenced by a recent civil rights cases decided by the federal appeals court holdings that same sex marriage prohibitions violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. 484 more words

Arizona Law

Equal Protection in Arizona Same Sex Marriages - A Look at the Change in Case Law

Last week a judge struck down a same-sex marriage ban in Arizona on equal protection grounds.  The ban was created by both state law and a state constitutional amendment.  1,873 more words

Arizona Law

Two Brothers, Parallel Bankruptcy Law Careers

Emile Harmon’s latest post.

In their youth, neither Sandy nor Ken Rosen dreamed of becoming a bankruptcy law lawyer. However, according to a post created for The Wall Street Journal’s Bankruptcy Beat, the pair of fraternal twins ended up in the same career, with almost precisely parallel paths; the two have run so parallel, as many in their profession did not even know the two were related. 473 more words

Emile Harmon

Mental Health Call Diffused By Phoenix PD

Phoenix police handled a very difficult situation where a man who suffers from schizophrenia wanted to harm others.  According to the ABC 15 News reporting. 297 more words

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Article - The Posse Comitatus and the Office of Sheriff: Armed Citizens Summoned to the Aid of Law Enforcement

The posse is in effect!

This is a really interesting article I came across that will be published in the near future in a prominent law journal. 642 more words

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Unionizing Phoenix's Strippers

You don’t have to watch the latest Franklin and Bash episode to know that strippers sometimes get a raw deal in society.  I can’t stop to help thinking that maybe if strippers unionized it would help cure some societal ills strippers face in employment, but it could also help the community as well. 1,059 more words

Arizona Law

McClellan: Daryl Colvin may have violated #GPSBoard policy & #AZLaw and challenges Julie Smith’s #CommonCore claims

The following is an email sent by Mike McClellan to the Gilbert Public Schools Governing board. He posted this email, Julie Smith’s reply and his counter-argument in the… 1,305 more words

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