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Arizona Stalking Law

The internet makes people and things more accessible. This can be both good and bad. It can be a bad thing when people make reckless and threatening remarks. 838 more words

Arizona Law

Media Defamation by Misrepresentation and a Potential First Amendment Defense

“You’ve got the wrong person!”

A case of misrepresentation by the media occurs when an individual who has done nothing wrong, has no connection with any illegal or immoral activities, is identified by the media in an negative and untrue manner.  1,344 more words

Arizona Law

Arizona No-Bail Law Discriminates?

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, last week held a  re-hearing of an argument challenging a section to Arizona’s Constitution that denies bail to undocumented immigrants.  1,241 more words

Arizona Law

Arizona Allows Medical Marijuana to be Consumed in Extract Form

There is a new wrinkle to the medical marijuana discussion.  An Arizona state court judge made a declaratory ruling last week that medical marijuana can be consumed in extract form.  523 more words

Arizona Law

The Status of Medical Marijuana in Arizona

There are some new studies out challenging the traditional (federal) notion that medical marijuana does not have any medicinal value.  Of note to Arizonans, a researcher out of the University of Arizona is being granted permission by the federal government permission to test if there is any medicinal value to… 1,637 more words

Arizona Law

Lessons About Gay Rights and Business from Arizona Bill's Veto

On Wednesday, February 26, Republican Governor Jan Brewer vetoed S.B. 1062, a bill that would have helped Arizona businesses deny service to gay customers on religious grounds.  725 more words


Denial of New Trial Medical Malpractice

No one is perfect.  Even doctors, despite their best intentions can make mistakes.  The law is only involved when a doctor did not follow the common practice in the medical community, also known as a standard of care. 1,283 more words

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