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Day 8: Flagstaff to Pasadena

It feels like it took so much longer than it really did to get from Point A to *counts on fingers* *sings the alphabet song* … 1,326 more words


Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Trustee to Tap Kraken Exchange in Repaying Creditors by MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED and NATHANIEL POPPER

Robert Maynard Presents New York Times Business Section

Kraken, a California-based Bitcoin exchange, is expected to work with the trustee to return about 200,000 Bitcoin to Mt. 20 more words

Robert Maynard Lifelock

"I Felt That In My Heart"

November 24, 2014

Dear all,

Happy early Thanksgiving!!!  What a WONDERFUL holiday it is. In fact it’s probably my favorite.  I’m trying to think more about what I am grateful for.  342 more words

Weekly Missionary Email

Reaching skyward 2

A cloud of leaves overhead, a magic sky. What more could I want?


Protests against the failure to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Phoenix, Ariz.

Protesters gathered outside the Sandra Day Oconnor U.S. Courthouse in downtown Phoenix to voice their opposition to the grand jury’s decision to ‘not indict’ in Ferguson Monday evening. 28 more words

Deanna Dent

Mix of Emotions

November 17, 2014

Hey things are going well!  My new comp is so great! :D  Lots of mixed emotions though… gah!

Love you all!!!

Weekly Missionary Email