Aswatthama, The Curse Of Immortality Narayanastra

I often tell my friends and children that living for  long time is painful.

For , beyond a certain age, say after 50 years , everything that happens is Life to an individual, is ‘Action Replay’ 615 more words


brahmana itu Arjuna

Apa kau ingat cerita para Pandawa dan Kurawa dalam sayembara mencari pasangan untuk Drupadi, Nak? Ingatkah kau ketika Duryudana dengan pongahnya mengatakan “Putri secantik Drupadi hanya cocok untuk Putra Mahkota Hastinapura, Duryudana.” Ingatkah kau ketika Duryudana melakukan protes terus-menerus, bahkan menuduh Drupadi dan Drupada sebagai orang yang sombong dan telah melakukan penghinaan, semata-mata agar Karna bisa mewakilinya untuk memenangkan putri Pancala itu? 151 more words


Lord KRISHNA: our world is you.

  Lord Krishna’s foster mother YASHODA ,was startled when she looked into the mouth of her son (as his friend complained that he swallowed sand) and found that the entire universe was visible. 453 more words

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Today we all are living in such a polluted and toxin laden world more than ever before. Each day, accidentally or by chance we are getting exposed to environmental pollution and manmade chemicals. 1,717 more words

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Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Vs 14

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It is perception by the senses, Son of Kunti, that produces the sensations of winter and summer, difficulty and ease. 
869 more words

Surrender Meditation