Surrender to God. Ref:Gita

Recently on a family trip, I went to “uppiliappan” temple in Kumbakonam. The significance of this temple is that the god in this temple eats food without salt. 167 more words

Hanuman Arjuna & Atif Aslam Connection

One of the weekends my nanaji & nanima had come home for dinner… in the evening we were playing cards and the tv was on in the background. 855 more words

All Paths Lead to Me -Krishna to Arjuna - Bhagivad Gita

the Bhagavad Gita
A walkthrough for westerners
jack hawley
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Bhagivad Gita – Krshna to Arjuna – I have no favorites. Whatever path a person travels to Me is My path. 88 more words


Sudarshan Chakra - Godly Weapon Of Lord Krishna

What is Sudarshan Chakra?

It is a highly lethal weapon, which is constantly rotating in a circular motion, and without any noise, annihilates the enemy and comes back to the owner, no matter how far way the enemy is. 439 more words


Shaheer Sheik di Mata Ayu Ting Ting

Banyak yang iri dengan kedekatan Ayu Ting Ting dan Shaheer Sheik. Ingin tahu apa sebenarnya perasaan Ayu Ting Ting dan bagaimana pandangannya mengenai sosok Shaheer Sheik? 142 more words


Author of Arjun: Without A Doubt

The heart can be dissected, the brain can be spliced open, but I love to unravel the mind and emotions.

Dr Shinde Sweety holds a Doctorate in Medicine, with numerous publications in Indian and International Medical Journals. 95 more words


Arjuna is Today's Religious Topic of the Day (01/09/15)

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic isĀ as follows: 156 more words