Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Vs 10-13

The Yoga of Knowledge 

Last week we witnessed Arjuna resisting going into battle and stating his reasons for this, then doing a turn-about, and then asking Krishna what to do “for certain”. 880 more words


7. The Wedding At Madhavpura

This is the first thing I’m writing since my portfolio. I’ve become rusty, so I haven’t gone into much detail, just a tiny glimpse into Dwaraka. 1,363 more words

Peacock Feathers

The Importance Of Plan B - Lesson from Mahabharata

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” – this famous management quote highlights the necessity of having a plan for accomplishing our objectives. Something well planned can be considered to be half done because plans help in providing overall direction and channelizing the available resources and efforts to achieve the objectives in an optimal way. 1,252 more words


Hindu Mythology: The Wives & Children World Did Not Know About (Mahabharata- Pandavas)

The Pandavas, acknowledged as the brave and just sons of Pandu, were fathered by Devas- Dharma (The God of Justice & Truth), Pawan (God of Wind), Indra (The king of Devas) and the divine twins Ashwini Kumars. 1,598 more words

The Unadulterated Magic

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 14: Guntreye Vibhaag Yoga - The Yoga of Three Qualities of Material Nature

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Chapter 14:Guntreye Vibhaag Yoga – The Yoga of Three Qualities of Material Nature

In chapter 14 Krishna reveals matters pertaining… 1,327 more words

Books & Comics

Mt. Arjuna, East Java

Arjuna is a famous character in Javanese traditional puppet, Wayang. He’s the third in Pandawa Brothers, and known as the most attractive one. He broke many women’s heart but he was also married to lots of women. 272 more words


Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 Vs 1-9

The Yoga of Knowledge 

Arjuna has reached a crisis point and appears to have given up. We are about to witness what the culmination of this will be and what happens next. 766 more words