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Of all the furniture and fixings of the Tabernacle, God first of all indicated to his people that an Ark was to be made. 1,879 more words

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indiana Jones (movie review)

Raiders of the Lost Ark seems to be the favorite Indiana Jones movie of anyone who’s in their forties or older – if you’re in your thirties, you tend to gravitate toward… 857 more words

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The Golden Cherubim

Bible Trivia…

Artist’s rendition of Solomon’s Temple, including their idea of the Holy of Holies. At the time of Christ, however, the Holy of Holies in the Temple (Herod’s) was empty — the Ark of the Covenant was missing and had been for hundreds of years. 387 more words

Old Testament

1 Samuel 1-5

A woman named Hannah could not have any children and was made fun of for it by another woman, so she prayed to God at the tabernacle for a son and promised that if she did have a son he would become a man of God. 138 more words

Ark Of The Covenant?

This video documentary is from: “Revealing God’s Treasure” Produced by ArkDiscoveries.com based on the last Biblical account about the earthly Ark of the Covenant in Jeremiah’s day: 2 Kings 24 & 2 Chronicles 28 and was never mentioned again physically in the Holy Scriptures. 96 more words


Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Archaeologist Indiana Jones retrieves a golden idol by getting through an ancient booby trapped temple in Peru. As he escapes, he is surrounded by his rival, another archaeologist Renè Belloq(Paul Freeman) who seems to take great pleasure in stealing Indiana’s successes. 932 more words


Keep Climbing up

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Scripture reading: Obadiah 1:21

We have to understand that we are not going to overcome without the Body of Christ. Without the Body being with us, we have no chance to reach the heights of God. 403 more words

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