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The 5th Anniversary of Batman: Arkham Asylum (The Video Game)

I’m not the biggest expert on Batman, but I know a decent amount.

The Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum, Batman: Year One, etc..

There’s been tons of good comics written about Batman. 332 more words


Halloween Charity event…Arkham Asylum

Have you ever wanted to be a Super Hero or super villain?
Well here’s your chance!
The Hobbit Hole in McDonough will be auditioning actors for their Halloween Charity event…Arkham Asylum. 55 more words


Batman: Arkham City

There are times when a confluence of events throws you right back into a certain habit or behaviour, even when it’s something that you thought you’d finished with for good. 576 more words


An Embittered Love Letter To the Arkham Asylum Games

Dear Rocksteady,

I adore you. You have translated the tone and mood of contemporary Batman comics like no other, better than any film, radio play or novelisation has ever achieved. 602 more words

Film & Television

Review: Batman: Assault on Arkham

Review: Batman: Assault on Arkham

DC Animation is back at it again with Batman: Assault on Arkham. This time, though, the action takes place in the Arkham video game series universe and follows Task Force X, aka the Suicide Squad, as they bust into Arkham Asylum to steal some vital evidence from the Riddler. 696 more words


"Assault on Arkham" Begs for the Creation of a Truly Mature Bat-Adventure--Austin

In an early scene of DC’s recently released animated adventure, Assault on Arkham, Harley Quinn has sex with Deadshot.

(Sorry, loyal readers: Mom and Grandma) 1,487 more words