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Harley Quinn

My 30th is coming up soon and to celebrate it I will be having a Fantasy Rouge party. Pretty much people will be coming as a favourite cartoon character but putting a ‘moulin rouge’ twist on it. 236 more words

Magical Monday

Xbox News - Deal of The Week Takes a Trip To Gotham City

This week’s Xbox Store Deal of the Week has a Batman theme to it with discounts on DLC and Games on Demand prices for the Arkham Series titles, Gotham City Imposters and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. 161 more words


The Joker and the thief in the Arkham Knight

A look at the ubiquitous Joker in the Arkham series. Spoilers follow.  

Playstation 3

SIONR/L: Batman: Arkham Knight Might Suck (but I hope not)

Up-front, I love the Arkham games.  They finally gave me a video game that made me feel like the Bat.  I even love Origins, which has gotten shit on by a ton of people.  1,061 more words


Bat-Cheese #2

Bat-Cheese stared at the two cheeses on the floor wondering who Doctor Cheese was.

“WHY?!?” Martian Cheesehunter pounded on the Doctor and while he was taking him down, the Doctor reached into his pocket and grabbed the Sonic Sandwhicher, a device that could open any lock and mess with any technology. 448 more words



The Batman Arkham series developed by Rocksteady Games and Warner Bros. Montreal was every nerd’s dream for a superhero video game. Everything about the original release, Batman: Arkham Asylum screamed with quality, attention to detail and lots and lots of comic book and film references. 324 more words



One of my favourite characters in the Final Fantasy series is the chirpy Rikku from FFX. An Al Bhed technologist that is partial to stealing, throwing grenades, and particularly skilled in wearing the shortest of skirts. 258 more words