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Gotham Tonight! ~ Episode 9: Harvey Dent

Gotham Tonight – Harvey Dent: MP3 Download


Tom and Adam sink their teeth into Episode 9: Harvey DentDisclaimer: Please check with your dentist before you decide to sink your teeth into any show. 249 more words

Gotham Review

Dear Diary ... of Gaming

Ok, yeah Arkham Asylum is like super old at this point, but I figured that since I own dwo versions of it I should finish it at least once. 250 more words

Dear Diary

The Joker - A Helping Hand - The New 52

Snyder and Capullo, the writer and artist of the New 52 Batman line are taking some serious chances with perhaps the most well established characters in the whole of comic-dom. 588 more words

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Gotham Episode 9 - "Harvey Dent"

I honestly do not know how to feel about this episode. On the one hand, this episode introduces one of my favorite Batman characters, Harvey Dent. 815 more words


Let's Talk Rocksteady's Arkham Knight

How’s it goin eh?

I have to say as a gamer one of the things I have always enjoyed most about gaming is being able to immerse myself into another place and live the adventure of whatever character I’m supposed to be portraying. 488 more words

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More Than Joker's Girlfriend: Notable Incarnations of HARLEY QUINN

News recently dropped that DC Comics’ upcoming Suicide Squad movie (2016) has decided on their Harley Quinn. This is huge news as it will mark the first time that Joker’s slightly psychotic yet adorable girlfriend–who has by and large become a full-blown beloved character all her own–will see the big silver screen! 1,053 more words

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What I Hope To See/Not See In BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT!

I had a brain freeze for the next blog so i put it out on Twitter for anyone to give me some suggestions and ideas. So, Good Buddy and Twitter follower (@Zeroreax) suggested I tackle, BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT! 698 more words