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Find Us at WonderCon 2014!

In just a few days I get to escape my normal, boring schedule and immerse myself in a world full of cosplay, fandom, and all around geekery. 278 more words

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Xbox News - Deal of The Week Takes a Trip To Gotham City

This week’s Xbox Store Deal of the Week has a Batman theme to it with discounts on DLC and Games on Demand prices for the Arkham Series titles, Gotham City Imposters and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. 161 more words


The Joker and the thief in the Arkham Knight

A look at the ubiquitous Joker in the Arkham series. Spoilers follow.  

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SIONR/L: Batman: Arkham Knight Might Suck (but I hope not)

Up-front, I love the Arkham games.  They finally gave me a video game that made me feel like the Bat.  I even love Origins, which has gotten shit on by a ton of people.  1,061 more words



One of my favourite characters in the Final Fantasy series is the chirpy Rikku from FFX. An Al Bhed technologist that is partial to stealing, throwing grenades, and particularly skilled in wearing the shortest of skirts. 258 more words


Played This Week... Batman: Arkham Origins - Part 3 & Final Verdict

Hi there, feel free to read part one and part two of this disappointing trilogy at these hyperlinks. One. Two

Arkham Origins sits signing copies of its Worldwide No.1 Smash series of mature teen novels – Girls and, secretly, Boys queue around the corners hoping to get a glimpse of this new teen-fic icon. 713 more words

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April IGC

It’s that time again, another round of Playstation Plus freebies for another month. Video first, commentary to follow:

Ironically, I was just asking J3w3l about the first game on the list, as I had seen it released on Steam, and she had purchased it. 516 more words