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Video: Vegard Wollan talks AVR and ARM low-power operation

In this segment of the series, the co-inventor of the AVR microcontroller chip talks about the famously low power that the chips consume.

I had heard that one of the clever things Atmel does to save memory power is that we turn on the memory, fetch four instruction op-codes then turn the memory off again. 271 more words

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New Sumo Robot Assembled, and looking good!

Finally, the new Sumo robot is assembled, and up and moving :-): 306 more words


Olimex LPC2378-STK in Linux

In this post I’ll describe how to build, run and debug a simple program on the Olimex LPC2374-STK development board.

The machine I’m using is Lenovo ThinkPad T510 running Fedora 20 64-bit. 861 more words



Do you know what type of mortgage you have? ARM? Fixed? Hybrid?

If you already have a mortgage, hopefully you’re familiar with the type of mortgage you have because it was explained to you by the mortgage representative that helped you get approved. 223 more words

Severed Arm Grabs Spotlight At Civil War Museum

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A well-preserved human forearm that was once displayed near the Antietam National Battlefield as “The Arm of the Unknown Soldier” is now grabbing the Halloween spotlight at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. 517 more words


英ARMのIoT向け新OS「mbed OS」とは何か? 本格的なIoT時代の到来を促すいくつかのポイント [ #cbajp ]

ARM社は、米国サンタクララ市で開催したイベントARM TechCon 2014(2014年10月1日~3日。現地時間)で、IoTデバイス向けのオペレーティングシステム「mbed OS」を発表した。mbed OSは、ARM社のCortex Mシリーズプロセッサ向けに最適化されたIoT用のオペレーティングシステム。