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NASA's Asteroid Retrieval Mission...

…is actually pretty damn cool. People who are un-enthused by the idea (including many NASA employees) are clearly focusing on the wrong aspect.

First, let me give an objective overview of the mission. 542 more words


Haswell E5 and the iPhone6: Why would anyone ever need more?

As expected,  Intel® announced the Haswell E5 processor family for Servers and Workstations at IDF on September 9.  Coincidentally the event was just up the valley from Apple’s event announcing the (ARM-based) iPhone 6, 6Plus, and Apple Watch.   669 more words


Most Amazing Thing about Apple Watch

I know that most people miss it. They don’t think about it much.

If you ask several people what they think is the most extraordinary feature or aspect of the newly announced Apple Watch, they will give you many answers: 246 more words


ARTICLE: Mirror Therapy Promotes Recovery From Severe Hemiparesis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

…MT early after stroke is a promising method to improve sensory and attentional deficits and to support motor recovery in a distal plegic limb…

via… 11 more words


Energia on the CC3200

If you’re looking to connect things to the internet, with the goal of building some sort of “Internet of Things,” the new CC3200 chip from TI is an interesting option. 132 more words

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