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STM32 Nucleo Hello World...Part 2

So after successfully managing to get a simple hello work program up and running on my new STM32 Nucleo development board using mbed I decided I would try some of the other tool chains available. 783 more words


Bilateral arm transplant honed, performed on patient who lost limbs three-years ago.

Will Lautzenheiser wiggled his left forearm ever so slightly on Tuesday, demonstrating the movement for a roomful of people.

It was astonishing because both of the patient’s arms had been amputated in 2011, along with both legs, to save his life after a bacterial infection shut down his organs and killed the tissue in his limbs. 559 more words


ARM seeing troubles penetrating into PC, server industries; IoT becomes new battlefield for Intel, ARM, from TW

Despite aggressively attempting to advance into the PC and server industries, ARM-based CPU platforms will not be able to achieve any significant results within the next two years in the two segments; however ARM and Intel have found a new business opportunities in the Internet of things (IoT) segment and both expect growth in that area, according to sources from the supply chain. 8 more words


An arm and a leg

David told Ornan that he would buy his threshing floor for the full (vs discounted) price because he would not offer to the Lord anything that cost him nothing (1 Chron 21:24). 42 more words

The People Rejoice

Qualcomm, the Server Supplier: Not Quite as Funny (or Easy) as it Sounds

Diversity drives innovation. Operating systems, storage devices, or networking equipment, and yes, even server architectures all took dramatic leaps forward in capability at various points in the storied but short history of enterprise technology, owing to innovation that was fueled by competition. 470 more words


STM32 Nucleo Hello World

So managed to grab a bit of time to play with my new STM32 Nucleo development board yesterday. Just as everyone does when they get a new development board I started with the obligatory “Hello World” application. 421 more words


What Happened to Chalk and a Yard Stick? The Push to Arm Teachers

by Justin Gordon

On Tuesday, Colorado Governor Jack Hickenlopper stated that the state of Colorado “must do everything it can to keep kids safe: and that he is “open to discussion on arming teachers.” According to Breitbart News, KKTV has reported “that the idea of armed teachers in Colorado schools has continued ’to pick up steam’ and that ’several hundred Colorado teachers went to a concealed carry class’ earlier this month.”With the second anniversary of the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School coming up, there has been continued talk of whether or not teachers should be allowed to open carry a firearm while on school grounds. 1,028 more words