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A new model for semiconductor investing

There was an interesting post on Techcrunch this afternoon, called “The Revival of Semiconductor Investing”. The title alone touched a nerve. It states something that I would very much like to believe is true, yet fear deep down inside is not.  1,013 more words

The Valley


When looking upon the clouds moving silently across the sky please find a moment to see life around the Earth.

When looking in the sky at any point  one could see energy balls like the one above in the picture and the movement of the spirit energy ball is intelligent and moves unlike any movement known to man’s natural motion of moment.   162 more words

Spirit Symbols/visions

Up to Speed

This is the first post on this blog and I hate to say it but you’re already behind, so let’s get you up to speed. 312 more words


"Ow, I hit my funny bone!!"

How many times have you awkwardly bumped your elbow on something, only to say “Ow, I hit my funny bone!!”


When you are hitting your funny bone, you’re actually hitting a nerve.   43 more words


Foosball Now Part of the Internet of Things

At a local LAN event, wanted a way to easily show off the capabilities from some of the Internet-of-Things devices everyone keeps talking about. His idea was to build an  149 more words

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