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Soldiers of Misfortune

Apparently I can’t read and made the video Sons of Misfortune not Soldiers of Misfortune. Derp.

We take part in a Rhodesian (read: Zimbabwe) police action in 1972. 438 more words


In ArmA You Are Not The Only Hero

After finishing up (roughly) ArmA III’s main campaign, I feel I must observe possibly the last subject of peculiarity that separates this game’s singleplayer modes from those of others. 826 more words


ARMA 3: An Excellent PC Military Simulator

Now, I don’t normally do this, but this post warrants a good topic like ARMA 3. For anyone unfamiliar with the ARMA franchise, it’s basically a series of PC military simulation games. 860 more words

ArmA 3's New Tutorial: Dealing With The Learning Curve

designed to be as complex and unintuitive as possible so that those dirty console-gaming peasants don’t ruin it for the glorious PC gaming master race. 1,313 more words


Arma 3: Da Spoils of War

I somehow gathered up a small militia in the ARMA 3 co-op server and we discover a weapons cache location on the map. We decide to strike to shore up the armory of our newfound team.

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Bohemia Interactive Releases Major 'Arma 3' Update - Bootcamp

Bohemia Interactive has released a major update for Arma 3, titled – Bootcamp – the new update aims to help players who are new to the… 339 more words