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ArmA II: Getting Lost In The Editor

I’ve put about 15 hours into ArmA II and I haven’t even touched the main campaign, much less multiplayer. I already talked about the game’s massive tertiary armory mode. 512 more words


The Appeal Of Tactical Shooters

Even though I said I shut the book on the original Ghost Recon on Monday, afterwards I decided to at least try out the expansion packs… 1,068 more words


ArmA II: Getting Lost In The Armory

Playing 40 hours of Assassin’s C reed III over the last couple weeks made me tired of AAA games that hold your hand as much as Ubisoft likes to these days. 633 more words


Powered by Gamespy

Oh Gamespy, how you won’t be missed. Gamespy industries is turning off there server’s on May 31 2014, well I could talk about the uselessness of Gamespy until the sun goes down (or up now that I look outside) but I won’t instead I shall talk about other things, like what will happen to games using these servers. 50 more words


Fill the Knowledge Gaps

Once you graduate and get a job in your field you may find there are things you need to know that you didn’t learn in college. 250 more words

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