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Invasion 1944

I play a game. It’s called Arma 2. I’ve written about it before on this blog, I think. It’s a very realistic military simulator game for the PC. 238 more words

Arma Riding Farm And Holiday Home

In the Great Northern War Sweden lost Estonia to Russia, which governed the land from 1710 to 1918. Russian Tsars granted vast privileges to the resident Baltic-German nobility of Estonia, including freedom of religion. 168 more words


Arma III Epoch - my latest timesink.

The past couple of weeks have been largely spent sat staring into nothingness. My mind is so broken that I’m really struggling to find things to latch on to and try to find some enjoyment in. 273 more words


Co-op Games: Jimmy-Rustling since Circa 2007

I love cooperative games. I always have, and recently, I’ve been ignoring most games that don’t have a co-op game mode. A little while ago, I stopped to think about why I love co-op games as much as I do, and I had a wave of nostalgia that I figured I would tell everyone about. 625 more words