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Armageddon - Be ready at Any Moment!

I am somewhat fascinated with ‘End Times Prophecies’ and I’ve read many accounts and messages from an array of alleged visionaries and seers, as well as reading what approved mystics and saints of the Church have had to say on this topic. 603 more words


That's No Moon. That's A--Oh, Wait, That's Totally A Moon!

You probably didn’t realize just how close you came to dying in a fiery explosion with the rest of the planet yesterday. ¬†Asteroid 2004 BL86 came within 1.2 million kilometers of Earth (fine, 745,645 miles, but 1.2 million kilometers sounds so much asteroider) and that’s only… 113 more words


Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Passes Earth

Today, an asteroid 2004 BL86 flew by Earth, pulling its own moon along for the ride. The enormous space rock is believed to measure at 325 meters across and 1800 meters in diameter. 98 more words


Daniel and the "End times"

As the reader will read momentarily, not everyone is supposed to comprehend nor understand what is taking place in the world today, nor the fact that mankind is in the midst of that which is spoken of as the “end times” in the Bible… is perhaps too Esoteric for most people to comprehend. ¬† 634 more words

Special Education

Waiting on Armageddon

And apparently learning how to spell Armageddon. Had to look that one up in the dictionary.

So, I live in the Northeast. That means we get snow. 647 more words


Daniel 12

Daniel 12

The Time of the End

1 “Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise. 1,736 more words

Bible Studies