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Expression Condition on a object

I have an object and a linq expression. I want to validate the object by the expression like this:

    obj: Account account = new Account(0);
    exp: (a => a.balance == 0)

    public bool IsAccountClosed(Account account, Expression<Func<TEntity, bool>> matchingCriteria)
       // ... 12 more words
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Babat supaya lebat

Musim hujan telah Tiba. Biasanya kalo musim hujan, nyokap motongin/mangkas pohon di halaman depan supaya pada cepet berbuah. Biasanya sih pohon srikaya, ntar pas musim hujan bbrp minggu, Bener aja berbuah banyak. 148 more words


Syuting ABC

Late posting lantaran ga sempet2 posting, teronggok di draft sajah. Hihihi.

Alkisah adalah suatu acara televisi untuk anak bayi di global TV, namanya ABC (aksi bocah cilik). 472 more words


Binary Tree To Mathematical Expression (C#)

I have a binary tree that contain a mathematical expression. I use array for save binary tree in memory.
I save operators(like + or tan) as string in array. 55 more words

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after filter with YITH ajax navigation my jquery codes not working

i ant to use yith ajax navigation in my theme

when i use it every things are perfect but when click a element to filter, after that my jquery codes stop working… 87 more words

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Accessing objects in 2D arrays?

I want to print out the “weight” of an item in my game.

Class, “Item”:

public class Item {

private String name;
private double weight;

public Item(String n, double w)
    this.name = n;
    this.weight = w;
… 65 more words
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Getting more matches than the expected in python

I was trying to do some pattern matching in python. But I am not able to understand why I get a second match when i just match for only one. 74 more words

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