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Nervous in Armani

Do I look a bit stiff? Don’t get me wrong, I adore Armani! Master of elegance. It’s just that I am a bit nervous. This is my first Armani! 45 more words


Shopping og SeaLife

Andre dagen i Paris fant vi et svært kjøpesenter som hadde et stort akvarium i kjelleren, ala Akvariet i Bergen, men uten pingviner og seler. 161 more words


A special outfit for a special occasion...

Hey! It’s been such beautiful weather in the UK this week (we are definitely experiencing summer) and I’ve had a pretty relaxing week so far! This post is reflecting back on my birthday outfit as I really loved what I wore so wanted to share it with you guys! 206 more words


Say Si

Don’t expect it to be cheap it’s a parfum… and a brilliant one at that. Giorgio Armani’s Si launched just this year and has been their first perfume release since 2010 with the emergence of Acqua di Gioia. 222 more words