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Joy of rustic furniture

Every choice you make is a thread in the fabric of your soul.


Revisited Myth #21: Armless chairs were designed to accommodate women wearing wide hoop skirts.

Nonsense. Armchairs were a status indicator. According to Ron Hurst, Chief Curator and Vice-President of Collections at Colonial Williamsburg, armchairs were few in number in any given household and were intended for the head of the household or other important people. 87 more words

Furniture And Furnishings

Pivoting & puzzle furniture & lighting: the realizations of NY based, Ian Stell's imaginings. See Blogroll for a link to his site.

‘THE LAST WE SEE EYE TO EYE’ screen: shade forming text becomes legible on the ground at a precise time of day /

Blind Light / … 69 more words


Poltrone Baby Biancaneve&Pingui

Anche i piccoli contano, eccome se contano! Ecco perchè Target Point ha dedicato loro 2 modelli di poltroncine giuste giuste per ogni cameretta. Come le poltroncine… 102 more words

Italian Ideas

Two Large Wingback Chairs

Two very substantial 1960′s armchairs with as new grey velour upholstery that may be more recent. Comfortable winter seating. $690 for two. Now Sold.

Fancy interior design - bars & restaurants

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”
Paul Rand



Modern interior design

All the magic, be it in code or design, starts with a clear mind,
pen and a blank paper.

Brian Wangila