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Armenians take to Facebook to protest sex-selective abortions

Armenian Facebook users have this week come together to raise awareness on the topic of sex-selective abortion, an issue that remains common in the South Caucasus nation. 217 more words


Reasons Why I Travel Solo

Most of my recent travels have been solo and not just one or two people have asked me why I travel alone. When I get asked this question, I often find myself resorting to the easiest answer and that is: Because I like to. 1,237 more words


US Ambassador tells Armenians “complain to Moscow” in response to sanctions concerns

John Heffern, America’ ambassador to Armenia, has this week told Armenians that they should blame Russia if US sanctions against Putin’s government affect the Armenian economy.  241 more words


Australians helped the Yazidis in the 1920s – and can do so again

“Some eight decades ago, Australian relief workers helped the Yazidi community. We now have to send a clear message: we will still not turn our backs on the suffering and the displaced”

My Very Lifeline by Adriana Festekjian

My country.

My Land.

My very lifeline.

I have not seen you with my own eyes,

but you’re the reason I’m alive.

I’ve heard legends of many. 123 more words


Armenian representative for Malta on mid September

YEREVAN, ARMENIA – The national broadcaster of Armenia is ready to announce the participant for Malta’s 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. On September 14th ARMTV will make special announcement over who’s gonna represent the country in JESC 2014. 16 more words