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If you want to understand the differences between Arminian, Reformed and Lutheran Theologies, read the following book:

Christian Spirituality: Five Views of Sanctification

Bible Structure And Theology

The Joy of Election & Error of Arminius

For many, life feels meaningless. Therefore, new mechanisms of attempted meaning are invented all the time. It was once recommended I attend a special conference that would help me trace down sins in my family tree. 3,177 more words

Church & Culture

That is Grace

The gospel message was about Christ as a propitiation for the elects sins. Propitiation means to appease or satisfy. This entails much about the person and work of Christ. 814 more words


1 John 2:2

1 John 2:2 And He is the propitiation for our sins: and not ours only but also the sins of the whole world.

Words of the the Apostle of Love who loved God and preached His glorious gospel. 630 more words


Pengalaman Pribadi Saya Dengan Ajaran Kalvinis

Gue ga nyangka ternyata artikel gue sebelumnya tentang Kalvinis mendapat banyak hit. Waktu gue cek di google, ternyata pencarian dengan kata kunci ‘kalvinis’ atau ‘ 957 more words


The unbelieving spouse and the arbitrary god

Scripturethoughts published the following except from Charles Spurgeon on the “Unbelieving spouse”:

“We have heard of a wife, a godly woman, who for 20 years had been persecuted by a brutal husband—a husband so excessively bad that her faith at last failed her, and she ceased to be able to believe that he would ever be converted. 1,890 more words

Calvinism And Arminianism