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Sovereign Grace and the Teleological Understanding of Election

An answer to this series of posts and a book at > http://www.pastorshearer.net/Bible%20Studies/Calvinism%20studies/tothereadercor.html

His teleological interpretation of predestination -meaning that Paul viewed this doctrine based on what is the intended purpose of election is NOT that we are secured in our destination as Christians and children of God -but that the intended output or plan of God is that there will be a group of people that will be holy and blameless in the end -but God is not determining such people – but only announcing intended output in the end – is pure Arminian , Pelagian understanding of what the universe is all about -about Man as the determining factor in his salvation and in his life. 250 more words

The Word

Theology isn't a religion and why we should stop arguing.

I’ve spent the better part of my morning reading various blogs and articles where one side of Christian theology was arguing or complaining about the other side. 973 more words


Southern Baptists and Evangelism: Identifying what is not the problem...

Leading up to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore earlier this month was a flurry of discussion among pastors, bloggers, academicians, church planters, and other Southern Baptists concerning the continued decline in numbers for the denomination as a whole. 854 more words

Allowance is Not Affirmation: Why "A Way Forward" Might Be

I am having difficulty keeping up with all the proposals and counter-proposals running around the UMC right now.*  The one with the most steam still seems to be… 746 more words


Remonstrance of 1610

In 1609 at the height of his career Jacobus (or “James” in English) Arminius died. Arminius’s life as a pastor and professor was surrounded with theological controversy. 981 more words


Russell Moore says Calvinists and Arminians Should Unite for Religious Freedom

by Russell D. Moore

Next week my denomination will receive the report from a special committee tasked with seeking unity between Calvinists and non-Calvinists in the Southern Baptist Convention. 921 more words