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Red Ice Radio - Veronica Clark - Demystifying Popular Nazi Conspiracies

Red Ice Creations have been producing some incredible material in the last 12 months as they move further along that often hazardous but always politically insensitive road of understanding when facts clash with the “accepted history” of the victorious. 174 more words


Reports and Photos from UK Release of The Captive (aka Armistice/Warhouse)

Follow the link to all the photos and reports from the UK release of The Captive aka Armistice/Warhouse HERE.


Armistice (aka The Captive / Warhouse) Reviews


“80 tight minutes of suspense. Has the feeling of the original Saw… Gripping and compelling.”
- Fred Toppel of CraveOnline.com

“A much-needed psychological take on the genre.” 187 more words


Armistice (aka The Captive / Warhouse) Is Available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD now!

Buy or rent “Armistice” (also known as: “The Captive” and “Warhouse“) on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD (Video On Demand) in the following countries at the outlets are listed in this LINK.




Now that your vagina
has returned to its rightful place
as a subroutine of your self-awareness,

And my penis has gained the humility.
Imposed by the hairs growing white around it, 12 more words


What 8 September means for Italians

In Italy, when you say that something is “8 September”, it means that it is inherently of poor quality and doomed to failure in a partly tragic, partly ridiculous way. 217 more words


Armistice pour cet hiver

La marque Armistice fait de plus en plus parler d’elle grâce à ses chaussures passe-partout aux couleurs et aux formes très tendance. On se souvient par exemple des… 64 more words