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- WIP - chest armor -

Okay, so the texturing is kinda done, all thats left is to make 98358943 color versions.

Also this was something i played around with in my head and someone in the comments asked if im going to make straps for the backpack so that it would be able to be used by itself, at first i replied that no because that would require me to make a separate version of the backpack and create a new texture and stuff. 39 more words


Class Items 2.0

One (mainly) cosmetic item in Destiny is the class item. Warlocks get bonds, titan get marks and hunter get their beautiful cloaks. The have only one use: enabling you to get reputation for Crucible Factions like Dead Orbit, Future Warcult and New Monarchy. 166 more words


Landon Austin.

I recently discovered a singer/songwriter called Landon Austin.

His songs are so beautiful…I haven’t been this awestruck by a musician in a very long time. It’s the kind of music I just stop and listen to without getting distracted by anything else.. just amazing.

Lyiatshu Bronze

My right foot crashed unto a puddle splashing mud onto my bronze boots. The boots are made of the finest bronze only to be found in the mountains of Lyiatshu. 235 more words


Gameplay: Giving Intellect, Discipline and Strength a purpose

Thanks to some amazing Redditors most players in the Destiny community by now know (at least approximately) how those stats work, if you’ve missed out on that here is the info summed up for you: 383 more words


Isreal the Monkey King

this is a recreation of an original photo pic of New Zelander kick boxer Israel Adesanya as per the below:

to my interpretation of it and hopefully it was more of an upgrade than the original, as I think this “upgrade” is very much suitable to his playful and unorthodox way of fighting, and his showmanship and playfulness in the ring which is very much similar to the monkey king. 75 more words

Digital Painting

Every Christian must fight

There is a reason we are given the imagery of armor in preparation for the life before God in Ephesians 6. This imagery is used because our life is a fight. 150 more words