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Mother Monster: Lady Gaga Shows Off New Armpit Tattoos

Lady Gaga shared new photos of herself getting new armpit tattoo. she inscribed the words “Mother Monster” on her armpit.


No Shave November: The History of Underarm Shaving

Last Wednesday we talked about the history of leg shaving for No-Shave November. This week we’re moving a little farther up on the body to learn why we shave our underarms. 644 more words

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Do Not Enter, Wrong Way

Beyond this sign and towards this sunset is the most awful, smelly, unpleasant desert. I snapped this photo during a brief reprieve at a rest stop complete with odd palm trees and the ever-present scent of yucky, clingy, stinky air. 86 more words



I had this brilliant idea a few weeks ago. I am not totally sure where this idea came from. I really don’t know where most of my ideas come from. 942 more words

Tinder Shot of the Day

Missy’s got me dripping wet.

Wonder if the carpet matches her…..her armpits…?

….but yeah I still swiped right.


What is the Purpose of Armpit Hair?

Seriously, can someone educate me on the purpose of hair at the armpits, please.

It is like God’s cruel joke on humans, “Here’s something to irritate you for the rest of your life for not listening to Me and eating that freaking apple!”. 168 more words