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Perks of being a dermatologist's daughter

Just yesterday, I was the subject for my mom’s new machine from a company called miraDry, so that she would be able to learn from the trainer how to use it. 194 more words

University tells students to stop shaving their armpits

Students at Arizona State University (ASU) in the US are passing their course by letting it all grow out.

The Women and Gender Studies class is run by Professor Breanne Fahs who encourages her female students to stop shaving their underarms and legs for 10 weeks during the semester and to document their experience in a journal. 301 more words


6 reasons New Jersey is misunderstood

Often called the armpit of America, New Jersey immediately spawns a negative image to any non-New Jersey-an (ite?) (er?)

Although because of this negative persona that NJ portrays, I would’ve never visited by choice, I was privileged enough to be forced to visit Trenton and Princeton. 295 more words

3 Year-old boy: Obsessed with my ARMPIT

Yes, you heard it right! My son (R), is really obsessed with my armpit! I find it hilarious but it’s really annoying and frustrating at times. 265 more words


In the Pits...

Hello world!

As I continue I share my external healthy practices, I decided to move on to deodorant. Because let’s face it, our pits (armpits, that is) can cause some serious odor issues if we aren’t careful, and I now prefer to use a healthy way to combat underarm odor. 560 more words


Her Girlfriend's Armpit Tasted Like Lime

I work for a private investigator. Part of this truth is because I had a choice, but most of it was just because they were hiring at the time I needed cash. 298 more words

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